Something’s Cut Into My Knitting Time



I was able to finish this ONE sock this weekend.   I love the yarn – Aussi Sock that was gifted to me for my birthday by Jeanne.  It’s really nice when your friends give you the perfect gift in the perfect color for you.  She hit the nail right on the head.  Love it.  Took me a little time to choose a pattern for the leg, and after much fooling around I decided on one of the “stansfield” textured patterns from More Sensational Socks.  Love that book.  Just enough texture to show the difference between the foot and leg (like the closed toe wouldn’t have shown that) and just enough patterning to keep me interested. 

So where is the second sock you ask?

I couldn’t cast on for it last night.  I had some emergency knitting to do.  Quite Urgent. 


While I was watching Lady In The Water for the I-don’t-know-how-manyith-time, I cast on for this little so and so.  It knit up quickly and probably would have been done a lot quicker if I didn’t use sock yarn and invisible needles.  I think they were 1’s.  Anywho, quite the urgent knit.  There were important things that needed to be covered and protected and kept warm and safe.  I cast on 40 stitches, did about an inch of 3×1 ribbing, stockinette for about 4.5 inches and kitchnered the bottom shut. 

Mucho importanto (I don’t know spanish,, but this is how I say it.  I am sorry)


Someone has an IPhone.  Someone spent the better part of yesterday afternoon playing with said IPhone, learning the wonders of the IPhone, the amazing things it can do – I mean, phone, ipod, pda all in one?   Now I get it.  I totally adjusted to having one thing in my purse, instead of the Razr, Palm and IPod.  Never fear – the Palm and IPod will still be used – the Palm goes in the knitting bag permanently  to hold patterns and the IPod can sit in the Bose and entertain me, or the soundstage and drown out the metal hammering.  No worries.  The Razr?  Well, DH might take it, I just don’t know.  He’s not arrived home from his trip yet.  But I’ll offer it to him.  And if we decide to add DS2 to our mobile family plan – he can certainly use it. And speaking of DS2 – when one is left to her own “devices” and asks the 16 year old if he thinks Mom should go and get an IPhone?  Really – did I think he wasn’t going to enable me?   Honestly, once I wrapped my mind around the fact that this is not just a phone, I’m totally hooked.  It is so much more.  And the quality of the thing – the web surfing – amazing page quality.  Totally unlike the palm.  I mean, I can see the page, the photo’s, navigate sites.  It’s just totally Coolio!  I did spend some time cleaning up my ITunes – somehow when I migrated over to the Dell Laptop, quite a few of my songs were triplicated.  Cleaned that up.  Cleaned up Bookmarks.  Just tidied up all around, electronically speaking.  And so – this hampered the knitting time quite a bit.  Not to worry though.  I’ve gotten back to it and I’m hoping to make some progress on the cardigan and cast on for the other sock today. 

The cardy is going along nicely if not slowly, not much to show at this point.  I think I may take an inch off the Raglan portion – If I remember when I knit Something Red, the Raglan was a bit long for me.  I’m fat – not especially long armholed.  Wider, not longer.  You know, I’ve talked about sleeve problems before.  I’m currently reading Maggie Righetti’s Sweater Design in Plain English,and once I get through the technical reading, I plan on measuring myself accurately so I can make adjustments to patterns so they’ll really fit me. 

And this NaBloPoMo thing?  Well, I’m going to play it by ear.  I just don’t know if I’m that interesting to have that much to say everyday?  Really?  I just don’t know.  And I don’t want to bore.  Or lose readers.  Or disappoint.  Or talk about the same things everyday.  Or bore.  Or irritate.  I especially don’t want to Piss anyone off.  We’ll see.  If anything, it will certainly make me more conscious of content on this here blog. 


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  1. Great looking sock! I’m so glad you like the yarn. I really need to look at the book next time I need a sock pattern – I haven’t in a long time. Congrats on the iPhone – and I won’t say one thing about lemming-ness…..enjoy it!

  2. I’d love to have you post everyday. I always get excited when I see there is a new post here. Don’t worry about being boring, I can’t be the only one who finds it interesting to hear how many new rows someone’s done!

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