Beauty in a Box



This arrived yesterday.  Let me just say – I paid for this over last weekend, and Leena said she would be mailing it Monday.  This arrived, from Finland, yesterday.  Amazing.  And it is Amazing.  Beautifully packaged, I just couldn’t believe it when I opened it up. 


These mittens are going to be just gorgeous.  I cannot wait to start them, but I think I will have to wait a teeny bit.  The yarn is just beautiful and the colors Leena gets from natural dyes – I’m stunned.  Thanks go to Jeanne for posting the information on this kit – she is a very talented enabler.  And I am a Lemming.  But when you see beautiful, how can you pass it up?

Last nights girls night was so much fun.  It was so nice to sit and catch up with everyone and we had a lot of laughs.  It really is a shame not to do that more often!  No knitting – too much wine – but such good times.  I’m thankful to have such great friends.  We don’t have to see each other every day and it may be awhile between phone calls but we all “get” each other – and that life gets in the way too much sometimes. It’s proof positive that you can have a group of friends that all get along – no one is  jealous of anyone else, everyone acting like grownups and just happy to be able to spend some time together. 

The wind is howling outside today – from Noel, I believe.  It is whipping the leaves around, there’s a fire in the fireplace and the knitting basket is starting to overflow….So many things I would love to cast on for, but at the same time, I feel a need to finish up things I’ve started.  I’m being pulled in more than a few knitting directions.  I really do love this time of year because I always feel like I have just a bit more time to be able to hunker down in a comfy chair, and get knittng!


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  1. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how it works up…I know what you mean about winter time and knitting – nothing nicer than being inside and cozy and knitting while its cold outside!

  2. I love everything about those photos. The yarn, the pattern, the cuteness of the kit all tidy and perfect.

    Dayum. You may have officially broken my yarn drought.

    My hubby will be needing to talk to you. 🙂

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