Not So Tricky



First, because I know it has been killing “the other Jeanne“, my Halloween Treats from Rox!  Ain’t this a hoot???  I haven’t seen wax lips in years, and this package really made my day.  I love Halloween, but after a full day of kids at school, and the hype, I’m truly exhausted when I get home.  Think how tired you are with your own kids – and then times that by a few more.  And we had the easy part!  But this package perked me right up – thanks Rox!  We didn’t have any trick or treaters this year – the kids in the neighborhood are older now – and we do live on a mountain road after all.  People are driving their children down to the developments in the valley for their trick or treat fun.  It was quiet, and nice.  Dan and I had take out, and watched the movie Transformers – hilarious!  I didn’t think I would enjoy that type of movie, but darn it if it didn’t have me laughing! 


The other thing that perked me right up was my Dream in Color Smooshy yarn – in Chinatown Apple, thanks to Debi.  Oh boy.  This yarn is just amazing – I cannot wait to finish my socks on the needle so I can cast this on – the photo doesn’t do the colors justice at all.  Thanks Debi, for that enabling yarn post! And thanks to Sonny and Shear – Some of the best customer service I’ve seen lately – fast shipping and a lovely Thank you note, too!


The project I picked to divert my attention from all that tortuous biasing that was going on is none other than Wendy Bernards Not So Shrunken Cardigan.  I’m using Silky Wool instead of the Silky Tweed called for – since I had it and it was just sitting around – and even though it’s a lighter weight cardy than I’m used to making – it is probably what I needed to destress from all that Minimalist Stressing.  I have to say thanks for everyone who emailed or commented here or on Ravelry to let me know you were having the same issue. Most everyone said it blocked out on their cardy, but I just don’t know about bias, blocking it out and having it stay out.  Time will tell – I hope some of you will keep me updated as I really do still want to make that sweater.

Today I was pleasantly surprised by the delivery of the Winter Interweave Knits.  I defintely can see myself making the Logan River Wrap – I might just have the perfect green tween instash. 

Tomorrow is Friday!  Not that I needed to remind any of you – but still – it is an early dismissal from school/work for me (as is the first three days of next week and then four! whole! days! off! ) and I planned a little get together here at casa del no husbando.  Wine and Cheese anyone???


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  1. I love that skull and crossbones bag! What a lovely Halloween treat.

    I can’t believe you already got your Smooshy Yarn! I’m really trying hard to resist the Smooshy yarn. I can be strong. Really I can be strong. I can. I know I can.

    My friend Kim is making the same cardi. It’s really a great knit! I love the color you chose for it!

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