The Agony of DeYarn



I hates it.  I hates it both.  (no yarn was harmed in the filming of this.)

Stoopid yarn.  Stoopid Sweater.  SToopid knitting. 

And to punish it even more, I’m knitting a different sweater with different yarn.  Ha!  Take that.  But the new yarn is teenier.  And it’s going to take longer.  And I have some Peruivian Highland Silk in the stash that would be perfect for Minimalist……..maybe.  I’ll let it all settle down.  Knit on the teeny yarn.  Which isn’t too teeny – it’s Silky Wool.  But still.  teenier than I was working with.  Or being tortured and tomented  by.  However you want to look at it.  You say tomato – I say stupid yarn. 

Yesterday’s Meetup was great!  A few people didn’t show and I can only imagine it was due to the torrential rains we had in the morning – that would make anyone just want to hunker down for the day.  But it did clear up, we had a great time chatting and knitting (and ripping out minimalist).  Lovely bunch of ladies. 

Today was for antique-ing with DH, lunching with DH and then home to take bad photo’s of pins.  Not bad in terms of ewww, they turned out terrible, but bad in the way that etsy is cropping the previews and I have to retake them.  But there are new ones in the shop – if you have the patience to click and view bigger!



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  1. Oh man, I am laughing so hard….what a great picture of the naughty yarn: skewered, and decked out in dunce caps.

    “Tony” of HalfSoledBoots fame, is my constitutional homeopath. He does amazing emotional things with teeny tiny little remedies, and I am long overdue for a visit with him. If anyone can pull me out of the swirling vortex of depression, it’s Tony.

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