Where I’m Still Complaining and Then Maybe I’ll Stop



So.  Here we have Slanty Sweater and Normal Sweater.  Well, as close to Normal as I think I’m going to get.  I haven’t done anything differently, such as change my knitting style, change the tension, change needles etc.  I just changed yarns.  Now.  What do you think?  This has really started to suck the knitting life right out of me.  I don’t even think I want to knit on this anymore.  But then that little OCD voices perks right up and says that I’ve come this far, I should see it through.  But let me tell you, it really needs to start turning into an enjoyable knit soon, or I may just have to search for another cardy pattern I like.  Ah, who am I kidding, I actually did look through some patterns last night, but I still really think this would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.  Dammit.  Maybe I can get someone to make it for me?  


The Other Jeanne was wondering if the yarns were twisted differently.  Not the greatest photo, but I think you can see that the direction of the twist is the same.  What I do notice is that the yarn on the right, seems to have a bit of a tighter twist.  It’s not so tight as to make the yarn kink up or twist back on itself.  It seems pretty balanced to the naked eye.  But to the not so naked knitter (please, let’s just hope we’re not even thinking of knitting naked, folks)  could it be that the combination of a bit of a tighter twist knit up into Moss stitch?  Well, I just don’t know.  I did find a site that addressed Biasing in knitting – unwanted biasing – and, get this.  It not only says that it is the yarn that causes this, it then goes on to say how to eliminate it.  You can eliminate it by…………………………doing seed stitch or moss stitch.  Unbelieveable.  What a kick in this knitting theories ass.  I actually sat and reread that quite a few times.  I’m going to put this to rest (don’t thank me now) and just say, due to the combination of Yarn, Pattern Stitch  and ME, this was not a good match.  I have to lay some of the blame at my own hands.  I don’t know if it is just me – because looking at Ravelry, there are a few other knitters who have experienced this Biasing – but, I am a responsible knitter.  I still love that yarn – it feels like a child of mine now, who after misbehaving and being summarily punished, has left me thinking of what fun thing we can do together next. 

After knitting and ripping and then knitting and ripping some more, this has really sucked the life out of my knitting mojo.  I made a deal with myself last night to complete the back and block it.  See how much I’m loving it then.  And then, because Opal is a bad, bad influence and so is Jeanne, I consoled myself with shopping for this and this.  You never have too much sock yarn (everybody needs socks!) and I had been thinking of knitting myself a beautiful pair of mittens for this winter and my morning bus duty.   I feel a titch better now.  

And today is knitting meetup.  It’s a rainy, dreary, rainy day.  What could be better than to have Jeanne pick me up, go to lunch and go knit with the girls???


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  1. Hey, if moss stitch fixes the bias – why don’t you see if it does it in stockinette – and then just change the pattern to that? Glad you bought a mitten kit – I don’t feel as bad now! And I thought I was meeting you there? Better let me know before 1:15!

  2. Oooh! You got the Pagoda! I’m still dreaming of it and wondering why I didn’t snag some when I had the chance. 🙂

    As for being a bad influence? I can’t get Smooshy Yarn out of my head either. We both know who’s fault that is. 😉

  3. It’s amazing to think that that small difference in twist might cause the major knitting problems that you were seeing. Consoling yourself with sock yarn is the right thing to do.

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