It’s Wonderful In Central Park



My  finished Central Park Hoodie.  Yaaahooey!  I was actually able to accomplish both sweater goals (first time ever) and I’m quite tickled with meself.  Nevermind that I started this sweater, say, way back in March.  It’s is done, done. done.  And I have an entire skein of Tahki Donegal Tweed leftover.  And I like it.  I’m not too happy with the sleeves.  I actually know that sleeves are always too long for me.  Always.  This I know.  So, when I knit a sweater, I always knit my sleeves shorter.  I pick the smallest size sleeves.  And still.  I have to cuff them up on this.  Which isn’t bad, really, because the cuffs aren’t loose.  Just because my chest is bigger doesn’t mean my arms are longer than the average woman – you know?  And I have to figure out closures – I made two spiral pins – but they’re just not doing it for me.  Maybe toggles of some sort.  I’m not sure I’ll wear it closed all that much, but I likes the options. 


And this.  You must get this.  This is Clara Parkes new book, The Knitter’s Book of Yarn.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it.  But let me tell you – it is amazing. I think it has everything you ever need to know about yarn, plus really great patterns.   I was able to look through it yesterday very  quickly and I intend on reading it from cover to cover.  It’s definitely a book I’m glad I added to my knitting library. 

Still plugging away on the Minimalist Cardy.  Thanks to those who contacted me about the skewing.  It looks like a few of you had the same issue and I’m hanging on your words that it will block out.  Because damn if this is skewing for a third time.  And I’m not ripping it again.  Oh, no, I’m not.  But I will have  knit most of the back twice.  Because I am a thorough knitter.  Slow, but thorough.  And I can always stand a little slanty while I’m wearing it to counteract any skewage anyone might notice.  As if standing slanty wouldn’t be the thing they notice most.  So I have a plan.  Block and if that doesn’t work?  Standing Slanty!


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  1. Hooray for hoodies — and that’s a very pretty one! And thanks for the heads up on the book; I had not heard about it yet.

  2. The CP Hoodie looks fabulous! Unfortunately, I discovered that the stash yarn I want to use up will not conform itself to the CPH gauge, so I’m off looking for something else to do with it. I still want to knit the CPH someday, though.

  3. Love the CPH, it looks great!! And I LOVE the suggestion of standing slanty. Makes me feel much more confident about my decision to forge ahead with my Mini Cardi, now that I now there’s a backup plan if I need it.

  4. CPH is beautiful – but why aren’t you smiling? And doing a happy dance? Gorgeous – I really want to make this. Sorry that your cardi is not cooperating….

  5. Oh, lookie! There you are – now I know what you look like! Yay! I have the same problem with long arms on the sweaters I make… I’m close to giving up and just doing socks permanently. Oh well.

  6. Congrats on your CPH! I’m *this* close to finishing Rogue and the suspense is killing me. (I, unlike you, have small boobs and extra-long arms so my mods have to go in another direction altogether.)

    I read a lot about that biasing on Ravelry; you are not alone.

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