Two Steps Forward



10 inches ripped back.  This was the back of the Minimalist Cardigan yesterday before I noticed the odd “skewing” it had going on.  Not happy.  Nope.  Ripped it back. I’m using Cascade 220 heathers and I’ve never had this happen with that yarn. Is it the nature of Moss Stitch?   I don’t know if it will do it again – I’m guessing this is entirely not my fault and it is some kind of weird right pulling gravity force field I encounted while at Rhinebeck this weekend.  Maybe the sweater pulled in the direction of all the energy at the Festival????  Anyone else have this issue with the moss stitch causing skewing?  Tell me I shouldn’t have ripped it, and it would have blocked out.   Go ahead.  Tell me. 


And this “mysterious” package arrived for me.  Do you see what it says????  It actually told me I can’t open it!  Hrumph!  The nerve.  What am I supposed to tell all the other packages that I rip into like nobodies business?  They’re not good enough for me to wait?  But I do so love the Halloween.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  So I will honor the date.  Sheesh. (I do soooooo know who sent this to me, but don’t tell her I know, mmmmkay?)

I am home today.  From work.  Sigh.  Nothing major, just,  you know.  But since my charge is away and no sub needed and the trips out of the room would be many, I decided to ride it out at home.  I will hopefully get more inch-age back on the minimalist, work on a custom order, putter, putter, putter.  Wait for the mail – books!  From Amazon! or  Harmony Tips from Knitpicks?! Thanks for all the lovely comments on DH’s cobblestone – he has decided to keep his day job for now, but his agent has been alerted……And maybe, just maybe I can get a decent photo of CPH – which was done, and worn for Rhinebeck, but not at the festival. 


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  1. I don’t think it’s the nature of moss stitch to skew to one side. Hmm, i hope the rip and redo works out for you. Perhaps looking at others who have or are working on it might be able to give you better perspective on it, through Ravelry?

    Enjoy your day off. Mine turned out to be much better than I hoped! 😉

  2. I haven’t really done too much moss stitch so I don’t really know if it skews regularly or not.

    Looks like I missed you at Rhinebeck (not surprised with the amount of people there!)

  3. I didn’t know this about moss stitch either, but someone at the Minimalist Cardigan KAL mentioned hers was distorted and so I’ve been living with mine the way it is ( a little wonky) and trusting that it will block out. I sure hope I’m right. (I am sorry to tell you this after you ripped, but you needed to know, right?)

  4. I don’t know if it would have blocked. I had a tank top do the wonky skewing thing and it did block out but that was regular plain stitching, not moss stitch. I hope the re-knit works!

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