You Don’t Have to Holler at Me



That’s what I felt like while I was working on this sleeve to my CPH.  Because, of course, the words AT THE SAME TIME appeared inevitably in the pattern.  And I got to thinking about it.  Obviously, pattern writers need to put these words in all caps – because enough of us have apparently forgotten to AT THE SAME TIME do what they told us to do – be it increasing or decreasing or whathaveyou.  It just feels like someone is hollering at me before I even make the mistake.  I think they should take a different approach.  I think, the should certainly include those vital directions, but don’t capitalize them.  Italicize them.  Then, at the end of that particular directional paragraph, capitalize BY THE WAY DUMBASS, DID YOU DO THAT AT THE SAME TIME THING??????  Much more effective, no?  Anyway, I did manage to follow the directions the first go round, and I’m hoping the second sleeve moves along as easily.  I did that one sleeve yesterday.  And cast on for the second.  I have the back and both fronts done.  There is a slight possibility that I might have this done ( but not blocked) for Rhinebecking – and as long as the weather holds out, we are planning to go up for the day if not the weekend! 

I could do all this sleeving around because…………………


Cobblestone is cobbledone.  Ssssshhhh.  Don’t tell Bob.  When he saw me working on my red sleeve last night, he inquired where “his” sweater was.  I told him I was sooooo pissed off at it, I ripped it out.  I don’t think he believed me.  I just held up my sleeve and said “nope, not working on it anymore.”  Our anniversary is Saturday, so I will present it to him and take some artsy shoots if I can get him to model it.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit and I did block another little bit into the length so it’s long enough for him.  I really would make another, but not anytime soon.  I have so many other things in the queue.  So, Opal?  You were right – I finished this Saturday night, ends woven in and all.  And Wanda– Tada!!!  Done!

This weekend was just a blur – after dropping Bob off at the AT, I worked at the bench a bit and headed off to knitting group.  Had a great time, as usual.  This group is such a joy to be a part of and it never fails to leave me relaxed and stress free.  I’m glad to be apart of something like that and I really don’t think anything could keep me away.   I value the time I get to spend with these talented ladies.  Then it was home and back out later on for dinner with my DS and his GF.  The day just flew by.  Of course, I did get that knitting time in.  And Sunday was a lazy kind of day, with the exception of picking Bob up from his backpacking trip.  But it was just a beautiful, productive weekend. 

Well, back to that second sleeve…..


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  1. I’ll say it was productive! Cobblestone looks great! I can’t wait to see it on, and the sleeve looks awesome, too. I always felt the AT THE SAME TIME directions should, if not in caps or italics, AT LEAST come BEFORE I actually started doing the thing it said to do, instead of right after, if you know what I mean. Because for some of us, no matter what, it’s always too late…. even in caps.

  2. “At the same time” is the bane of my existence. I think I’m starting on a CPH next, so I’ll have to remember that there is a landmine waiting for me there.

  3. Woo and Hoo! Good for you. Cobblestone looks really good. Can’t wait to see that modeled FO shot. I need the instructions AT THE SAME TIME in all caps, because trust me I iwll forget. I’m pretty bad about missing that. It’s probably done just for me! 🙂 Of course, I never complain about it because it’s my lame brain, not them.

  4. It just feels so good to be right… 😉

    Cobblestone looks so handsome and I’m so glad you’ve picked up the CPH again. That’s one beautiful looking sleeve. Do I foresee another sweater FO this week? I sure do hope so!

  5. Beautiful Cobblestone!

    I need more than AT THE SAME TIME. I actually need a representative of the pattern designer standing by my chair and whacking me on the knuckles with a ruler every time I forget to shape and decrease at the same time.

    Lacking that, I now draw a chart so I can know without thinking what I have to do on each row.

    Too bad I forget to check off each row…

  6. Oh man I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type. “BY THE WAY DUMBASS”…hysterical. I HATE that ATST line and I have learned to my cost to read ahead several times before working the pattern. Once right after I get it home from the store and-not-again-for-two-years-while-it-sits-in-the-stash-before-casting-on is not frequently enough.

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed one today.

  7. Wow – Cobblestone is beautiful – congrats on finishing (and winning – drat you!). I need the AT THE SAME TIME in caps because otherwise, I would mess up every pattern more than I do now….

    CPH looks great – is that for me?

  8. Cobblestone is so handsome! Well done Chris! Can’t wait to see it modeled.

    Now I hate to state the obvious but don’t just about all sweaters have that “AT THE SAME TIME” dealie? 🙂

  9. Apparently I need BIGGER CAPS in my directions since I knit 8 repeats of the pattern on my CPH sleeves before I saw that line and had to rip out and do the increases.

    DOH! ;o)

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