Cobble, Cobble, Cobble



Now in the shop – I’ve updated to include three Fibula Pins similar to my Pin that is in the Greatest Issue of Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts Issue ever (honestly, it really is.  Oh, alright.  I think it really is.)

 And just incase you don’t care for Moss Jasper (green) I’m made other “varieties“.  And I will certainly be updating with more and different designs in nugold and taking special orders for sterling silver. 


I’ve been doing plenty of cobbling – on the metal bench and the knitting needles.  I’m embarking on the last skein of of cascade – which means I should be feeling like I’m almost done, right?  I’ve just finished the second set of decreases on the yoke and those directions are in the second column on the page, with one more column to go, so I should really, really feel like I’m almost done.  Right?  I’m just saying, it doesn’t feel like I’m almost there.  But it’s not as wonky with the wraps as I orignally thought, and I’m hoping with this last decrease row that the row by row knitting will go faster.  Because damn if it doesn’t feel like I’m knitting the same row for a really. long. time.  Just saying. 

This weekend has me dropping the DH and a friend off at the Appalachian Trail for some backpacking (do not do the backpacking.  nope.  don’t do it.) and that should leave me with a little bit of time before Knitting Meetup.  Really looking forward to hanging with the knitsters, commiserating on how we are not at Stitches (sigh) and having a few laughs as always.  Then, well – I’m kinda unencumbered, if you know what I mean.  While the DH’s away – the knitter will play!  Just saying. 

Oh!  And to kinda just celebrate the IK thing (I know, you might be tired of hearing it, but I’m simply not tired of typing it or thinking about it, or talking about it, so bear with me) I ordered a beautiful set of earrings from  Pookeh yesterday.  Etsy has such a wealth of talent, that I just love wandering around and finding beautiful things like this.  And Emily has a bunch of beautiful Halloween Trick or Treat Totes up in her shop – congrat’s Emily!  I have quite the wish list over at etsy, such as these beautiful earrings, this awesome bag, or this gorgeous sea silk yarn.  Go.  Shop.  Save me.  This is a Public Shopping Announcement. 

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. I have a feeling you’ll finish the Cobblestone this weekend. I just feel it in my bones. Just sayin’.

    Now must you enable me with the bags? You know I have a weakness for bags. So why do you show me BAGS? *ack foo*

  2. You are not going to get me with either your jewelry links or your pretty pins – I’m looking away! And I don’t think you will finish Cobblestone this weekend ….and what happened to Opal rooting for me? I’m hoping that you will take advantage of Bob being away to go do something fun where you can’t knit – and that you forget that you are close to finishing Cobblestone. Cuz I really don’t want to make scones this weekend!

  3. Ooh, very pretty pins and nothing wrong with talking about it! Enjoy your fame, nothing wrong with it! How’s Cobble Cobble? A weekend all alone, did it get done? 🙂

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