What a Pair



Or…….I shall call it…………..mini me……………….The little ball on the left is a “string dish” I found in an antique store two weeks ago – marked $5.  I bought it for 2.78.  The top does comes off, so I’m imagining the purpose was for a ball of twine or somesuch, but I prefer to believe it is a perfect replica of a ball of yarn.  And I thought it would be great for my Fiber Studio.  As for the ball on the right – that is 8 oz of Ramb cross that I purchased just this weekend near Somerset PA at a farmers market.  It’s from Crabapple llamas and Fibers and the women in the booth were just a hoot – they were both spinning and great conversationalists.  They also sold some handspun yarns along with lots of rovings.  This 8 oz ball of wonderful softness was 12 bucks!  You can’t beat that.

I just want to thank each and everyone of you that has sent me congratulations and well wishes.  I’m am still tickled to death to have something I made in Interweave Knits – and honestly – I really appreciate your support and encouragement.  I’ve been making pins like crazy – and there will be a some that are very similar to the one in the magazine up for sale soon – I’ll put up a post when they are in the shop

The weather has finally turned and you know what that means – lots of thunderstorms.  Oh, and I can get back to work on cobblestone.  It was so humid, hot, hazy and muggy the last few days – disgusting really, that the only thing I’ve knit on is a sock.  Said sock, cobblestone and a scarf were packed and made the trip to Somerset with me – and I did knit through quite the traffic jam on 78 near Lenhartsville – what was that about?  Seriously – it was backed up for miles eastbound and we didn’t know why.  What was supposed to be a four hour trip turned into nearly 7!  Bob was a good guy and made reservations earlier in the day for a Hotel.  One I shall not name.  Because it’s a very poplular hotel.  As far as the reviews in the area – it was rated the highest, even though several people mentioned the “stinky” lobby.  Well.  The room was fine.  Getting to the room was like walking through a moldy, mildewy, smokey tunnel.  It was disgusting.  Bob thinks they either had a fire or flood because he said it smelled like wet sheetrock.  There were “wet paint” signs all over, but even the paint smell couldn’t mask it.  Thankfully we only needed to stay the night, as we had to get up early and get the camper to the dealer in Somerset for the new top to be installed.  Our camper top cracked all over – which caused leakage (news to us as it wasn’t that way on vacation in July) and waterstains.  The top is now new, but we have to bring it back to get new tenting installed and see what else they are going to replace that was damaged by water leaking in.  Thankfully, the manufacturer made good on it to the original owners, but we still had to pay the freight charges – which is why we took the ride out to somerset – it was 500 dollars less in freight to go out there.  While we were waiting for the repair – we found a sweet little state park – Kooser State Park – where we reserved a site for Saturday night.  Then we just wandered around and stopped at the farmers market and several antique stores.  Later, after the camper was set up at camp – we headed out to a great winery – Glades Pike Winery and dinner at the Laurel Mt. Inn. , which was amazingly good, amazingly in-expensive.  What a great little area – all within a few minutes of the campground.  We had a nice campfire – some wine sampling – ahem -and it really turned out to be a fantastic weekend.  We were  sorry we both didn’t take monday off and make a longer weekend of it. 

My Cobblestone time needs to really ramp up this week – so, I’m off to knit! 


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  1. That is some gorgeous fiber. Your weekend sounds really lovely, despite having to walk the gauntlet of mold. I look forward to seeing a finished Cobblestone soon!

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