It is finally, finally Friday.  Busy, hectic, puking week.  Not me – the kids where I work.  Bleech.  But!   Today is Jeanne day.  After some errands, I will pick the Jeannester up, and we’ll do a little bruchy thing, a bit of a yarny thing and celebrate her birthday, which is next week.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Despite the smackdown – we are good friends and enjoy hanging out together!  The competition is friendly, and just for funsies.  Really. 

Did you know there is another Jeanne and Chris? They are good friends like my Jeanne and I are.  Head on over to Chris’s blog (the other chris, not me) and wish her a speedy recovery.   Jeanne (the other jeanne, not my jeanne) suggested that we start a webring for friends named Jeanne and Chris who had blogs.  Whaddya think?  How many other Jeanne and Chris’s are out there?  I think this is huge.  Just HUGE.   Poor Opal – she has to keep track of not one set of us, but two!

Ok, so I had to rip back on Cobblestone.  I just did not like the way the short row wraps were looking.  They are not hard or complicated like someone else said I might have said – ahem.  But they were just bugging me.  I’m still not totally happy with the wrapping thing, but they look better now.  We are heading out to Pennsy tonight to bring our camper in for repair tomorrow morning.  I’m planning on bringing the sweater, and a few other projects along.  We may or may not stay over tomorrow night too, to camp.  I’m looking forward to it.  I just wish the weather was a bit more fall like, instead of the 80 degree days we’ve had this week.  Bleech.   Not fall.  Not cool.  Not like. 

And yesterday I had confirmation of some really great news.  Great news that I’d really like to share, that’s been in the works since June.  I can so keep a secret.   But I can’t – just yet.  I have to wait for October 16th.  No one told me I had to wait.  But for fear of freak whammies and jinxing it, I’d like to wait so I can actually show you, point you in the right direction.  I can tell you – it’s not a book.  Ha!  Me.  Write a book!  That’s too funny.  That’s just crazy talk. 

Time to get ready – it’s Fun Friday.  I hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!!!


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  1. Oh I’m so confused. Which Jeanne? That Jeanne? Which Chris? That Chris? Oh my poor brain!

    Now what’s the scoop? I seriously have to wait for the 16th? Oy.

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