Smackity, Smack, Smack?



Cobblestone, with yokage.  Boy, this sucker is a bit hefty with the sleeves on.  And it goes perfectly with the patio.  I’ll have to arrange a photo shoot with DH on the patio when it’s done.  The Smackdown continues – Jeanne tried to surrender, but I really think she needs to really throw herself into this.  She has the whole! week off.  She has time – I know this because she is sending me links of beautiful yarn to distract me.  She has the added advantage of me not knitting ONE stitch on this yesterday because I was so darn tired.  And tonight – I still have to make dinner – Risotto – and do a custom jewelry order.  And House is on.  Which leaves me not as much knitting time as, say, someone who was in her PJ’s till way after I was getting ready for work???   So, get the lead out, Jeanne – I mean, I want Scones, but not easy scones!  Sheesh!  I better see some yokage on that cobblestone of yours on Friday, chick!!

 I’m so stinkin tired this week – who know’s why?  Must be the seasonal change – maybe I’m really a Bear and I should be eating many scones in preparation to hibernate?  Doesn’t really sound half bad. 

Dispite efforts to the contrary – I’ve only knit a very few stitches on a sock on my few breaks at work – it’s all cobblestone, all the time – when I’m not too tired, that is.  And this exercising thing?  Boy, what a damn timesuck!   20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, pretty soon it’s time to go to bed.  Did I say I was tired?  And possibly somewhat whiney?  Maybe a little complaining?  Throw in a titch of bitching and I believe I’ve rounded out this post quite well.


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  1. It’s funny how seasonal changes can affect us! I know just what you mean about being tired! Hopefully the beautiful fall foliage will pick up my spirits soon.

  2. Whoa! Jeanne better get a move on, because you are just whipping that sweater into submission!

    Can you believe I missed the season premiere of House? My DVR totally flaked out on me. I’m going to try and catch it online today. I was livid! Let’s hope it doesn’t try that tonight. I will throw it against the wall if it does. Okay.. well… maybe nothing that drastic.

  3. Smackdown, Schmackdown. I will catch up – I knew you’d get distracted eventually – I also switched your coffee to decaf! Yours does look nice though – definitely a photo shoot on the patio!

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