On Winners and Winning


Well, this contest was exciting for me.  We had 30 entries and “guesses”  You all were right – 17 links (not too tricksy, was it?).  With the help of a handy dandy Random Number Generator thingamabob, we have two Winners.  Elaine from Elaine-Knitting and Robyn from Knitting With Corn. Ladies, I’ll be emailing you to find out your color preferences so I can make your markers up.  Here are some examples from the shop.


 Thanks to everyone that entered and left me a comment. It was really nice to hear from you and meet some of you for the first time.  I’ll try to keep it interesting enough to keep you around. 

That’s the Winners for today. 

 Knitting Meetup was yesterday.  Jeanne came by and picked me up a bit early so we can head out to lunch first.  We headed over to Applebees and had a nice lunch.   I delievered her stitchmarkers and pin to her – and she was nice enough to bring her new Veronik Avery book for me to thumb through – now I want it, of course.  But I really needed to see it first.  I had read the reviews and it really sparked my interest.  Look out Amazon…..Anyway, after a quick dash into CircuitCity, we headed over to meetup.  Leslie, Elise and our newest member, Mary were there.  We really had a great time.  Even though the group was small this week – it was so nice to be able to chat with everyone. Leslie brought her new Harmony Wood needles and they are just beautiful – OH!  And I did hear back from Knitpicks about the pricing.  They said that the 3.99 price on their ad was a “misprint” and was the price on the cables only.  –   Jeanne mentioned on the ride over to lunch, something like “I’m going to crush you”.  Or maybe those were her exact words.  And someone, I’m not saying who (but who do you think?) might have picked up someone else’s sleeve and started to unknit it.   I’m not sure, it’s all kind of fuzzy from the stress of this Cobblestone Race.  Anyway, Rox is thinking of calling her “bookie” and Wanda has dubbed this a true “Smackdown”.  So I shall refer to this incident as the “Cobblestone Smackdown” from here on out.  While I believe that Jeanne has an excellent chance of winning – simply because she has the next week off from work – I am determined to win Scones.  I don’t think Jeanne realizes the Power of Scones.  And I’m hoping the weather will be nice and Jeanne will be preoccupied with playing her new favorite game of Golf with her DH.  She really should be playing a lot of golf – after all, how many DH’s encourage you to participate in their favorite hobby and support you and enjoy your company??? (distraction might work here) Plus, I’m going to totally distract her on Friday, when I take the day off from work and get to go have breakfast and yarn shop!!! (it’s possible someone could misplace her knitting in all the distracting I’m going to do….)   Smackdown’s need a plan and I’m working on mine……Perhaps we need to organize some kind of contest where you all get to pick who you think is going to win?  Hmmmmmm……

As I mentioned above – the Harmony Wood needles are lovely.  And I do think I may order a few pair of tips.  I’m glad they responded to my email.  I don’t know if anyone received a “corrected” ad after their misprint, but that is the explanation they offered to me.  The tips seem pointy yet not too terribly sharp as to split yarn.  The finish is just so smooth and feels really nice in your hands.  I plan on rewarding my weight loss accomplishments with ordering a few needle tips here and there – better than food rewards, which totally screw up the whole weightloss thing. 

It looks like another beautiful day is in the works – so me, my sleeve and the dh are probably going to head out on the motorcycle for a bit.  Enjoy your Day!


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  1. I am so excited about winning the contest. The markers are really lovely.

    And, although I’m generally a lurker, I do enjoy your blog.


  2. It sounds like you have a great game plan for the Cobblestone Smackdown. Let the Power of Scones prevail!

    Love the review on the Harmony needles. The only problem is that the shipping to Hawaii is outrageous. So I must *not* get tempted! Still it’s good to know that they’re a good product.

  3. Cobblestone Smackdown? Wow….someone took her competitive pills, eh? OK, I am planning on playing a lot of golf – but! I’ll also be knitting….so we’ll see. I have to tell you that I tried to bribe Opal to my side with yarn, but she’s not budging. That’s ok. I’ll just eat all the scones myself!

  4. I’d really like to try out the Harmony needles, but it would be sort of a waste. I have so many needles as it is, I really can’t justify buying more!

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