Did You Hear That?


 I think that was the sound of Jeanne saying “Bring it On”.   Seems like she’s trying to get out of making me my scones and has issued a challenge:

 Finish my Cobblestone before she finishes hers.  Then She will Bake me Scones. 

You can check out her sleeve here. (and also as a nice backdrop on my laptop for the  photo of MY sleeve)

You can look at my sleeve below:


The gauntlet has been thrown down.  I had set a personal goal for myself to finish this sweater for my husband for our 23rd Anniversary on October 20th.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make that deadline.  Infact, unless I break both my arms in a freak telephone dialing accident, I’m almost positive I’ll make that. 

Will I beat Jeanne to the Cobblestone Finish Line?

You tell me……………….


Well, what do we have here?? Sleeve Number One!  It’s been Broughten, Jeanne.   19.5 inches of sleeve, plus that itty bit above – on sleeve numba TWO.  These knit up quite fast with the incentive of Scones.  I’d like them hot, with butter please.  Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm – I can practically taste them.  While you’re wandering around over at Jeanne’s, make sure to take a minute and wish her the best on her new job!

And not to distract you from the contest with all this sleevery, there’s still time to enter!


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  1. (a) I love that pattern
    (b) There is nothing like a challenge and a deadline to increase your knitting speed (witness the Knitting Olympics)

    Can’t wait to see it grow.

  2. I’m not worried – I know how distracted you get – I’ll just dangle some sock yarn in front of you and then we’ll see! And have you checked gauge – those sleeves look a little off….hope you don’t have to frog them….

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