Contest Countdown



Just a sampling of the markers you might win by scrolling to my last post, guessing the number of links (not too hard, lots of guesses to refer to) and submitting a comment.  Two winners to be chosen this Sunday and each will get a set of lovely stitchmarkers.   This is easy, peasy, lemon squeezies!!  Thanks to all of you guessers who’ve already commented and guessed. I really love it when I hear from you’s!  We’ve got 4 more days and lets keep ’em coming!!

In knitting news – I’ve finished the body on Cobblestone and cast on for sleeve numba one.  I do not like the sleeves so much, but these aren’t too bad.  But the heat, it makes me not want to have this wool in my hands right now – it’s over 85 degress today.  And frankly – that’s malarky for the first week of fall.  Can you tell I’m not one of those last days of summer types of gals?  I’m perfectly satisfied with the summer weather we were so graciously given, and I’m ready to move the hell on to Fall.  Enough with the heat already.  I need to finish this sweater by mid October – this heat is not helping in the least.  If the heat continues I will be forced to cast on for yet another project just to console myself.  I’m just sayin.

Ok – this is short and sweet – I don’t want to distract you from the intense counting you must do below to enter a guess – so – all you who read but just didn’t comment – go for it!


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  1. I’m with you on the heat thing…. what is up with this nonsense? I can’t wait till there’s a foot of snow on the ground and we don’t have to feel guilty about not doing yard work. I hate sleeves, too, with all the stupid increasing – I don’t like having to count rows. Drives me nuts.

  2. Can I guess twice? The markers are gorgeous! I’m with you too – I’m ready for fall, and this heat has to go! You know what would cure you of your dislike of sleeves? Making 4 – you can make mine!

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