Cascade Mountain and A Contest


Enough of the health issues – this is a knitting blog, after all……

Yep.  That is a Mountain of Cascade 220 yarn.  And, if I want to totally fess up – that’s maybe a third of the Cascade I have in my stash right now.  But this is the “active” pile.  The top three skeins of Natural are slated for use in working up the swatches for my Master Knitters Level 1 course that Jeanne and I will hopefully get started on soon.   The middle three skeins are what is left to be used for Bob’s Cobblestone Pullover – I just wound and started the third skein of 7 last night.  I’m heading into the homestretch on the bottom part of the body, before I get to start knitting the sleeves.  I hate sleeves.  Well, hate is a strong word.  I don’t like sleeves.  They are tedious, but necessary.  The bottom 7 skeins of that dark blue Cascade – that is for DS’s Wallably, which I’ll be casting on for just as soon as Cobblestone is off the needles.  See, I’m trying to be organized about my “active” knitting projects. 

What is in my “inactive” pile?  Since I know your just dying to find out………First up is the Central Park Hoodie.  Once the Wallably is well on it’s way and on schedule, I may just take a weekend and finish this up.  It really would be a quick sweater to finish, now that most of it is done.  Then of course we have the MS3 and the Shoalwater shawlHemlock is sitting in the inactive pile too, but not for lack of wanting to finish it.  Just because it’s just a little tooooooo much for this fogged up brain to handle right now – sad, but true.  But it will be done this winter – I think I’ll need it to snuggle under on those hopefully cold winter days.  I always have a sock on the needles, so I don’t really count that as active or inactive – it’s just there, handy whenever I have a spare bit of time to sit and knit, but not enough time to drag out one of the bigger projects.  Right now, my sock in action is currently in the car – waiting for what, I don’t know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 

But there is a third catagory of knits for me.  The “I wanna make it” pile.  I don’t know where to even start with this.  First, there is the Twinnings Stole, The Bee Fields Shawl, Peacock Feathers and I’m staying away from looking around at lace just because this seems like enough to contemplate for now.  Then there is the other Ribby Cardy I want to make for myself from that beautiful Green Cascade that’s in the stash, the Minimalist Cardy from the latest IK, the Chinese Lace Pullover, a button down cardy of unknown pattern origin that I would love to have in my wardrobe, another Chevron Scarf, more socks than I can mention and I’m really thinking I need to knit another Clapotis. 


Now, for the contest.  Send me a comment with the number of links I’ve put in this post.  It’s really not tricky at all.  If you’re a lurker, take a minute, count ’em up, and send me a comment with your answer.  I will randomly pick two people next Sunday with the correct answer,  and you’ll both get a set of my own, handmade Stitchmarkers!  Now, come on – it’s a set of stitchmarkers, you can never have too many of them, and they’re Pretty, too!!!  If you need to see what I make, go stop by the shop – I have plenty of stitchmarker examples listed.   Feel Free to spread the word – let’s get this contest going!!!!!!!

And thanks for reading, commenting, lurking, bloglining and generally putting up with my whiny complaining the last little bit. 


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  1. 17 links. I finally added some Cascade 220 to my stash yesterday. Even though it’s only 2 skeins, I’m pretty excited.

    The Peacock Feathers is a really great shawl. I’m thinking of making another one, but I’m not sure. There are so many shawl patterns out there that making two of the same pattern seems like a waste of my time.

    I really want to make the Minimalist Cardigan. I just need to find me some yarn. What yarn are you going to use?

  2. Love your blog and yup Im sitting on 17 too. Had a good browse at them all on the way.
    Ive never tried cascade before being down under. I guess I could have ordered it but heck never have, But Ive heard great things

  3. I can’t see clearly to count at this time of night.

    But there’s this: Tag! Click the website link and it’ll tell you more about me than you ever wanted to know, and let you do the same.


    (17, if I’m not mistaken)

  4. Wow, you brought out the lurkers in a big way. I counted 17 links too! I do like knitting with my Cascade 220 as well. Such an econonomical yarn, I love using it and great yardage. I’m working on my Ariann with some heathered C220 in a purple colorway. I just adore the color.

    I can’t get my dbf interested in Cobblestone. I really like that sweater for him, but oh well.

  5. I was an English major… so I don’t do numbers well. That said, the projects look awesome! I can’t wait to see more Cobblestone pix. Sorry to hear the pain is ongoing – Don’t you wish doctors could actually…. you know, fix things?

  6. 17
    yup, I’m a lemming (or else an accountant, so I can count!)

    You will LOVE Clapotis! I also am enjoying the Chevron Scarf as a knit, but don’t like it’s curling action – I’ve been assured that it will block out. (it had better!)

    And Bee Fields is on my list, too…

  7. Should I say 17 like everybody else or should I count them 🙂 ?

    Just joking.
    thanks a lot for commenting on my blog when I really had a bad ‘knitting’ day and needed that support. Beautifull pictures here – I like coming back just to see the bridge picture in the header.

    Best wishes,

  8. I count 17 too. I got here through your friend Jeanne, because I stalk other people who spell their name the same way I do. 😎 And I also have a good friend Chris and I think someone confused Me and my Chris with you and your Jeanne. Does that make sense?

  9. I’m on the home stretch of a sweater for my son; size 42; Cascade 220 Tweed. I’m nervous: it looks like I will have a little more than one skein per sleeve. Will this work????

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