It’s Tuesday All Over Again


Flippin freakin doctors.  Need a new one.  I feel like I did on Tuesday.  Why?  Because the doctor said there was nothing wrong, so I stopped taking the antibiotics.  And therefore woke up this morning feeling like I was reliving Tuesday morning. Pain, pain, pain.   Dammit.  And I really think, as I did Tuesday, before “kidney stone” was mentioned that it’s an infection.  I had a LOT of them aways back and I kinda know this feeling.  Soooo, talked to my “other” doctor and I started taking the antibiotics again and will finish them.  Will call my YOUrologist Monday and splain everything – which is probably what I should have done Tuesday.  Dammit.  Did I say Dammit yet?  Well, Dammit again. 

The upshot is, I’m really getting a good bit of rest and getting to knit quite a bit when I’m not wanting to sleep too much – which is ok.  Cobblestone is closing in on 12 inches and I’m hoping to really make some headway on it this weekend.  I dug out my Central Park Hoodie and really contemplated ripping it out – but Jeanne talked me down from the ledge.  I do have one sleeve and the hood to do.  By my #8 needles are being occupied right now by Cobblestone.  I was going to order the new Harmony Wood Needles from Knitpicks.  But – and maybe someone can explain this to me before I fire off an email to them – the email I received from them said “incredibly affordable with tips starting at 3.99” – and for the life of me, I cannot find a single Harmony WOOD needle, circular or whatnot that has that price. And I could swear yesterday when I looked at the tips they started at 5.99 and today they are 6.99?  What is going on Knitpicks???  Why would prices almost double since September 8th????    So, if I’m missing something – if there really are “tips” out there on the Knitpicks site, please point me in their direction. 

I’ve been surprisingly good by not ordering Yarn.  I just want that duly noted.  I have, however, encouraged others in buying yarn.  This is just my way of being helpful and supportive.  It is not to be misconstrued in any way as me shopping vicariously through them or trying to get them to buy me yarn.   That’s just Crazy Talk. 

Is anyone else hooked on the show “Cash Cab“?  I mean, I really want to go to NYC and find this cab.  And play this game show.  I could so win maybe.  I mean  I know a lot of weird trivia like things.  I totally had the answers to most of the questions the other night.  And you should always go for the video bonus question.  I haven’t seen anyone lose one yet.  Honestly people.  If your lucky enough to be in the Cash Cab – and you make it to your destination – please, do the Video Bonus Question. 

I would.  And if you know where the Cash Cab hangs out?  Tell me!


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  1. I LOVE Cash Cab!! I watch it whenever I can!

    As far as the Knitpicks needles…they’re pretty but I loathe interchangeable needles and now that the price is going up because of demand, they can just bite me 🙂

  2. Pain again? Ugh. Rest up and get lots of delightful knitting done. I’m glad Jeanne talked you out of ripping the CPH. You really don’t have much more to do.

    I didn’t realize that Knit Picks started raising their prices on those needles! Geez Louise! FWIW, they can bite me too. 😛

  3. Get better soon! Rest up, knit lots, and take care of yourself.

    Maybe one day we can go to New York together and find both the Cash Cab and that bus with the balls of yarn on top of it. 🙂

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