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This week just flew by.  There were quite a few incidences of “allergies” – so much so, that the teacher and I, ahem, were feeling the effects and hoping we didn’t come down with allergies ourselves!!!  I know the pollen counts are high, but people, allergies don’t usually cause fevers.  Ok?  Enough said. 

I would say the trickiest part of working with kids is teaching them to be kind to each other.  What a hard lesson to learn, especially when your “bestfriend” becomes friends with other kids.  Then there is the jealousy factor.  The concept of having more than just a friend or two is such a new lesson for some.  So it’s hard to bring that concept across.  The other one is, just being kind, even if you don’t exactly warm up to someone?  So hard to let them know that you don’t have to be friends with everyone, but being kind to them would be what’s expected. The old adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?  I really wish a lot of kids would learn that from the get-go.   Oy, the manipulations I see, even at this age!  I forgot that stage of kid-dom.  Hopefully, most will outgrow this stage and learn how to manage their social lives.  I don’t see too much of that behavior in the adults I know, and when I run across it, there is no end to my amazement that grownups can act that way.  Luckily – I don’t run across it too much.  I really don’t have patience for being manipulated myself, and passive-agressive crap just sends me running in the other direction.   

No new photo’s of knitting – I didn’t think you’d want to see the additional 4 inches I knit of the Cobblestone while we watched “Night at the Museum” with the birthday boy lastnight.  We did have a really nice dinner – and thank you for all the Birthday wishes for him.  The oldest went back to the dorm today and I had to do my “homework” for school tomorrow – a poster about ME.  Too funny.  The weather is absolutely the best, even a bit nippy.  I can’t believe the forecast says it will be 80 degrees by the end of the week – I hope that changes! 

 Tomorrow is the start of the “Biggest Loser” at work.  I’m joining.  I need to shed some pounds – many, in fact.  And I really have already started – made subtle changes in my eating habits that I hope will become a good habit – and I’ve lost a few pounds already.  I really just want to be healthy – I’m not even going to set a “goal” number, because any weight I shed will be welcome and setting a numerical value right now would just set me up to be disappointed if I couldn’t reach it. I’m not thinking of this as a “diet” because that’s just a temporary fix and it’s never worked for me.   Better off than on, and that’s what I’m going for.  Incorporating exercise more frequently – I have been exercising, just not as regurlary as I want.  Just generally adopting better living habits – that’s my goal.   Wish me luck! I’m still figuring out how I can combine exercising with knitting…………….without getting injured!


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  1. Good luck Chris! I’m doing the same thing – eating to feel good and be healthy, not worrying about the scale!
    (altho please don’t get me started on the horror that is the Biggest Loser TV show!! It is beyond dangerous and unconscionable to set people up to lose 10 -20 pounds A WEEK!!)

  2. I need to start exercising again and watching what I eat more carefully. For the most part I’m pretty good about what I eat, but the exercise? Oy. Does the treadling on the spinning wheel count?

  3. I’m amazed myself at how mean kids can be to each other. They don’t start out that way, so someone, or something (TV, ahem….) is teaching it to them.

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