Cobbling Along



Cobblestone Pullover – cobbling along.  This isn’t such a great representation of the color – it’s actually a little more browny than gray.  But it is working up nice. I love knitting this – it is soothing and productive at the same time.  I don’t feel guilty about watching TV when I can make something nice for someone I love.  And  I love me the Cascade 220 (220 yards!).  I’m hoping – and I think I might be able to do it now that the weather has cooled – to have it done for our anniversary in mid-october.  Probably just jinxed the hell out of myself, but I’m gonna give it a go.  I’ve been knitting on this – since it’s cooled down – and the garter rib sock – when it heated up again last week.  Bleech.  Sooooo glad the weather has taken a turn towards the fall.  I know, technically it’s still summer, but going back to school and especially having recess with the kids – it was HOT.  Hotter than the heat of 7 suns.  Honest.  I’m not exaggerating at all.  It was sooooooo hot……….ah forget it.  You know what I mean. 

For some reason, my comments aren’t coming through to my email – so if you haven’t heard from me – it’s because I keep having to sign in to wordpress to see if I have any comments.  Don’t know why – my settings are still the same.  But – thank you all for such lovely comments, the support, the sales!  I’m more grateful than you know.  And I have to say thanks for the special requests and orders – I really love that you feel comfortable enough to ask me if I can make something special for you, and I especially love working together on pins or markers – it’s just such a great feeling. 

Since school started it’s been a whorlwind – so much going on – a lot of karma at work – good stuff, but I’m always amazed at how things inevitably work out.  Even things that may have started out on a bad footing – really have a way of turning up something positive.  I believe more than ever that the universe has a way of balancing things – good, bad, whatever – it does manage to strike a balance.  I’m feeling a little exhausted – and of course my time for knitting, socializing, cleaning, laundry – well it’s all got to be sorted out and re-scheduled, but it will work out.  I’ve made time for the now weekly chiro visits – and I’m feeling a bit better.  There are sniffles going around (already!) at school and I’m hoping the achy feeling I had today is just the flare hanging on and not the ickies settling in.  Thanks for all your get well wishes – they really do help!

 My youngest turns 16 (!) on Saturday, and I really am enjoying watching him grow into the young adult.  We worry so much, as parents, did we do the right thing, what should we do next, are they going to be ok, just so much.  It’s really nice to be able to take time out from the worry and just enjoy them.  And Birthdays are the perfect time to look back at where we all were, see where we are now, and look to the furture for what we can be.  It’s always been a tradition in our family that the birthday person picks the dinner menu etc.  I love it when my family actually picks something I cook because it’s become their “favorite”.  And the favorites might change – but it’s so nice to be able to do that for them. 

Tomorrow is blessedly Friday.  A full week back at school has passed.  We had school Every Day.  Every. Day.  That’s hard.  I think we need to consider a 4 day school week.  We were wondering – who invented the “workwork” vs. the “weekend”  and why such a big difference in numbers?  I think it should be evened up a bit.  I heard a little rain might be on the way, and I intend to take advantage of being inside with more knitting time – in between laundry and cleaning, of course! (That’s just Crazy Talk, I know) 


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  1. Cobblestone is looking good! Glad you are feeling better…but no – sorry – no four day school week! You can’t have the kids home for 3 days in a row! Happy BDay, Youngest Son!

  2. It could be worse – in Japan they have six day work weeks (at least, that was what I was told…). Six days of work. ugh.

    Your Cobblestone is coming along! Looks great!

  3. I know you said the color wasn’t as pictured, but it sounds like it is gorgeous (when combined with what I can see…) I can’t wait to see the sweater completed. I think it will be fabulous. Cascade 220 is so awesome, isn’t it? I love how it knits up and looks.

    I, too, think we should even up the workweek/weekend discrepancy…

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