I Shall Go On



I am heartbroken.  Mike didn’t make it to the final round of The Knitter’s Hunk contest.  Sigh.  We Mike fans tried our best, but we were outnumbered by Hugh fans.  So go cast your final vote.  Let’s hold our heads high!  Maybe we can educate all those who said “who’s MIke Rowe” in time for the next contest!

 In my saddened state, I’ve managed to further update the etsy shop and add quite a few new Shawl Pins – go take a look and let me know what you think.  I love fall, and can’t help but be preoccupied with leaf shapes this time of hear.  I think they look so nice on everything.  There are a few new prong pins too, and I’ll be adding some beaded copper and nugold pins in the coming weeks.  I’m really gearing up the stock right now, so if you don’t see something  you’re looking for – just contact me and I’ll make sure I have it available for you.  It’s never too early to get ready for the Holidays!!!

I should get myself working on Cobblestone – DH is on a charity run today, and I really could get a bit done on it – as long as it stays cool in the house.  Yesterday was a scorcher and we were really missing the pool.  I’ve also added these nifty percent bar counters to the side bar, courtesy of Yarn Tomato – I found them a few weeks ago, and haven’t had time till today to figure out how to get them over there.  It really isn’t that hard – I just needed a block of time to be able to do it. 

And I just have to share two new to me Etsy finds – White Oak Studio – who I found on Ravelry in the Etsy Shops Group.   She has the neatest looking TVyarn Sock bags and some really nice looking yarns.  (I badly want that bag for myself but I’m trying to resist).  Another shop that just really caught my eye is On The Wing Jewelry – a wonderful selection of handmade jewelry in the most beautiful color combinations – go give them a look see – I don’t think you’ll be sorry.  Etsy is really chock full of wonderful artists!


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  1. I love the shawl pins and those bags! Too bad they don’t come in more fabrics. Did you know I’m a bag ho? I just bought a new one yesterday. Some women buy shoes. I buy bags. There, I’ve finally admitted it. Now maybe I can get some help. Nah. Maybe not. 😉

  2. Oh, the stuff in your shop is so nice! I love the swan pins, but the new leaf one is tempting me, too. Decisions, decisions. No clue how you get in any knitting time…

  3. OK, I’m so behind in blog reading that it’s beyond embarrassing. So this isn’t about this specific post, but Sharon tells me that you’re going to Rhinebeck! So are we! I want to meet you in person! Must! Exchange! Phone numbers! 🙂

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