My Three Socks



These socks were all knit in August from my purchases on my Birthday trip with Jeanne.  They are three different colors of sockotta yarn, and I love them.  I’m glad I finished the 8th pair of summer.  I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit towards my sock drawer status – 18 pairs if you don’t count the two pairs that I can’t find the mates for – they just up and went missing.  It’s a sad state of sock affairs when your handknit socks go missing – I’m quite torn up about it.  But it does give me a good reason to make more……….. 


and even more…….


Jeanne and I were talking the other day about how much yarn we have, how we shouldn’t buy anymore, how we should use what we have, how we should get started on our Master Knitters Level l.  That lead me to decide that I won’t be making the trip to Stitches this year.  I’ve never been, and there are other things that are swaying me this way, but mainly, it’s the yarn.  I don’t want to go all that way and not buy anything.  And I don’t want to buy anything because I have so much already.  I’m not saying Yarn Diet here, oh no, no, no.  I still want to go to rhinebeck.  I’d really like to use some more of my stash before I buy more – I’ve run out of room in my yarn room baskets and I’m not going to buy more baskets to store more yarn in.  Sock yarn?  Got it!  Worsted Weight?  Got it!  DK?  Got it!  Lace yarn?  You Bet and more!  So really, I’m going to skip that show and think about going next year.  And the two shows are so close together, too.  I just don’t see going all that way to buy nothing, or one little thing. 

The week was a whirlwind – back to school went well.  I like where I am and the teacher I’m with – and the kids are just too darn cute.  I think it’s going to be a rather good year or at least I have high hopes for it.  I’m glad to be back, if not tired.  Thanks for all your well wishes – I’m going to the chiro once a week now, taking good care to listen to my body.  I plan on sleeping very late tomorrow.  And thank you for all the interest, purchases and compliments on my DH’s woodworking – he is quite the handy man to have around – and he really enjoys making these swifts for knitters/crocheters.  I admire him for doing his best to keep his costs down, so that he can pass that onto us.  I’ve passed along all the lovely compliments and he really appreciates them.

I do have another project on the needles, Cobblestone Pullover, but it’s not really looking like much that you haven’t seen already all over the blogesphere, so I’ll save the photo’s for when it looks like more than garter rib.  It will hopefully work up fast – I’ve seen a lot of them working up really fast on the internet, so I have hope.  It is too hot to work on it today – or probably any day this coming weekend – the weather turned hot and humid again – not happy – and that is where the sock knitting comes in handy. 

Oh!  And get yourself over to HandEyeCrafts, Pretty Please and vote, vote, vote for MIKE ROWE.  It’s a dead heat between him and Ewan Mcsomething and I can’t stand it!!!  So help a knitter out and go, go, go – don’t let Mike down.  I will be eternally grateful.  Mike will probably never know, but you will have me thanking you for quite some time!!!!!!!  Go.  Vote.  NOW!!  PLEASE!!! 


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  1. Pretty colors on the socks — especially the ones on the right.

    Hey, enough with the Rowe fangirls — my pens are running out of ink!

  2. Very pretty socks – just love the colors! I just couldn’t vote against Ewan – sorry….so I just didn’t vote. Enjoy the weekend – hope you got some sleep!

  3. A couple of my handknit socks are now singletons. I do believe the sock-eating elephant has invaded my home.

    I’m so sorry. I couldn’t vote against Hugh. I adore Hugh. I worship Hugh! Hate me all you like, but I couldn’t help myself. My love for Hugh knows no bounds.

  4. Wow – I still can’t believe how many socks you’ve made this summer, and I can’t believe you aren’t more hysterical over the lost ones… You’re a truly more balanced woman than I. (Well, who isn’t, really?) Glad to hear the school year started off well!

  5. Yep, you have been on a sock making kick this summer. I’m just now starting to not feel the love for socks. Probably because I knit so many (for me) this summer. Just taking a little break from them.

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