So Long, Summer



My talented husband has added another Swift to his repetoire.   This is his Compact Swift/Yarn Winder – it’s just great.  I am priviledged to get to try and use whatever he makes and I have to tell you, this little thing – it measures 25 inches – is just a dream to wind yarn from – and it just folds up so compactly – it’s perfect for those with limited space who can’t have the bigger swift or a huge umbrella swift.   He’s selling them now, in limited supply over at ebay.  His larger version is also up for sale there, if you have the room for it – it’s the one I use all the time.  Although I’m tempted to snag one of the smaller ones too – it’s just too darn cute!!!  And frankly – I don’t think you can beat the price!

Ok, that’s enough plugging for now.  I’ve been just lazing about myself.  I’m in the midst of a Fibro Flare, which is suck city for me.  Especially this close to work starting (tomorrow) and being this uncomfortable and feeling like, well, basically, shit.  I’ve been to the chiropractor twice and although it has helped, I am still just feeling poorly. But I am getting some sleep now – I wasn’t sleeping so well, and that just make the flare up worse.   So needless to say, my energy levels have sunk, I’m in a funk (which is new to me, since I rarely get down and don’t consider myself to be a downer) and I haven’t gotten what I wanted to get done.  Done.  Suck, suck, suck.   And the fogging thing – that is what really bums me out.  I was knitting on the Hemlock Ring yesterday, minding my own business, when the round marker I was using just up and went missing.  Now, do you know, and I’m sure you do, what happens when you lose the marker that marks the beginning of your rounds, the Pattern rounds, goes missing?  Oh, and the goofy, fogging crap you have going on doesn’t let you figure outyour own knitting.  Rip City.  I put it down for awhile too.  And went back and fixed it.  Now it’s all ok – but dayum.  That sucked.  I put the biggest marker I had on it now – let’s see me try to lose that one! 

DS1 is back at college, moved in and probably all settled into his new suite with his roommates.  He is sharing a suite with 5 other guys – two to a room with a common area.  It’s a much nicer set up that last year and I’m sure he will have an even better year than last.  It’s still sad to see him leave – but we handled it waaaay better this year than last.  I’ll miss him – he’s turned into this funny, quick witted young man that I really enjoy spending time with.  I had the two boys with me Saturday for a small shopping trip and they kept me laughing the whole time.  I’m really proud of my boys – they are both smart, entertaining, kind people.

So, today is officially my last day of summer vacation – what to do?  I don’t know.  But I’m sure we’ll find something to keep us occupied.  Enjoy your Labor Day and have a great week!!


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  1. I hope that your holiday got better and that your fibro flare eased up. Congrats on finally getting your new laptop. Vista isn’t bad at all. I rather like it.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better by now (I’m not sure how I missed this post – I’ve been clicking on you and clicking on you to hear how the computer was working out, and didn’t get this post till just now…? Weird.) Anyway, I was sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. It was interesting to hear about your boys, too – A friend of mine was at first grade drop off the other day (with me) SOBBING because she had just left her son at college for the first time (she’s got quite a range of ages, there) and it got me thinking about how hard that must really be. (Even if I do dream of it occasionally…) Well, it sounds like (unlike me) you’ve done a great job with your boys, and it must be hard to not have them around.

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