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It’s here!  I cannot really believe it, but it is in fact here.  Most of my information is transferred – thanks to my Oldest DS – we had a slight problem with getting my Favorites over – but no big deal – the documents, photo’s and all my important stuff is on the new Red Wonder aka Ruby.   It is big!  What the heck was I thinking when I ordered a 17 inch screen – probably photo’s and movies, but I need a table to work on it for sure!  I’m still slowly adding software – of course, running Vista, which seems cool, but isn’t necessarily backwards compatible with all the software I currently have, may create some gliches.  But that’s ok.  It is super nice and I’m having a great time learning the in’s and out’s of Vista so far.  Norton, on the other hand, has reminded me what a pain in the ass it is.  A huge amount of folks are still waiting for their laptops and some explanations from Dell – you can still check out that long story at their blog,  Direct2Dell.  I hope Dell starts shipping more units out as quickly as they can. 


Ha!  You thought there wasn’t any knitting!  Fooled ya.  Fooled me too.  What the heck is that?  How did that happen?  I cannot be responsible for starting another project in my waiting for the DHL truck to arrive – this was beyond my control and strickly theraputic for the nerves.  I was totally expecting the courier to hand me a box that when jingle, jangle.  Nothing against DHL, just going with what seems to be my perverse sense of normalcy.   Anywho – you may recognize the beginnings of the Hemlock Ring  Blanket beautifully adapted by Jared.  I had quite a few skeins of this charcoly/plummy wool yarn in my stash – I don’t know who’s yarn it is, but it could be Bartlet Yarns.  It is very wooly, sheepy and I’m hoping the wooly/sheepiness turns into a wooly/softness that yarn like this is known to do.  Of course, I could have washed a swatch, but this is me we’re talking about here.  Swatch?  Wash?  Bah!


To cap off yesterdays nail-biting wait, then exciting delivery – this is what happened to our pool.  I heard a funny “pop” sound sometime yesterday afternoon – but since both boys were in there rooms playing games – I thought the sound originated from them.  Not so much.  We had a blow out folks.  And I can tell you, however upset we could have gotten over this?  We were sooooooo thankful that the whole pull didn’t collapse and flood our backyard.  To the left of the pool is our HOUSE, which is about 2 feet away from the pool itself.   Where the photo is taken from is the New PATIO.  There is a window in the foundation that goes to our basement.  If the pool had collapsed all that water would have definitely ended up going into the basement and possibly taking out the new patio we just finished.  So, sad as the loss of the pool may be, we could have lost soooooooo much more and DH and I are just so very thankful that it turned out this way.  If your pool is going to break – this would be the way to do it.  So DH and DS’s rigged up some hoses and started draining the water to a safer location.  Of course, DH is already starting to say we don’t need another pool, lets just a get a hot tub.  But I really liked our little pool.  I’m a bit sad to see it go.  We thought we would have to sand down those rust spots – thankfully we didn’t do it before the birthday party, because I think any pressure on those spots would have resulted in someone actually getting hurt when it gave way!  So you see, this isn’t as bad as it looks. 

One last thing – do me a big ole favor and head on over to Hand Eye Crafts Blog today – Vote for Mike Rowe – and whomever else you think is hottness for The Knitters Hunk Contest.  Today is Mike Rowe Day – so cast your vote.  For Mike Rowe of course!  Thankyouverymuch!!!


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  1. Just so’s you’ll know: MR is leading as of this moment.

    DO go watch Redford and Newman in something. It’ll help.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that Ruby has finally landed.

    I’m excited to learn that you’re knitting the Hemlock Ring Blanket! I’d love to knit that up, but for one, I don’t have the yarn. For another, knitting a blanket during the hottest months of the year (august and september here in Hawaii are terrible) just doesn’t seem prudent. So I shall vicariously enjoy the experience through you! 😀

  3. Oh, thank GOODNESS the pool blew in the other direction. Kind of a “Good News/Bad News” thing.

    Hiya Ruby! Be nice to your new Mommy and she’ll be nice to you.

    Mike Rowe…hmmmm…name’s familiar….

  4. Ha! I knew what it was at first sight! I plan to make one too, but not until I clear some projects off the needles and decide what yarn to use…yours looks great, I love the subtle variations in color!

  5. Yay! And thank God it’s all going well! I am so sorry about the pool (heaven forbid you get a day of peace, huh?). Like you said, though, thankfully it went the other way (I’ve seen – on America’s Funniest, I’m embarassed to say – just how much flooding those things can do.)

  6. Mike who?

    Voted for him. Would rather not talk about it. Hmph.

    Sooo sorry to hear about the pool. Must get another though – no chance at repair? Yay for Dell. So we can cancel the picket rally we had planned?

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