I Saw The Sun



My oldest son gifted me with two wonderful Rose’s for my Birthday this year.  One of them is  blooming – and it’s a bright spot in an otherwise dreary weather week.  I swear I’ve seen the Sun today- for less than 5 minutes, but it did make an appearance.  Thankfully, I’ve got this pretty Rose to chase the dreary away!

The seventh pair of socks is finished.  And onto the eighth.  One more full week before we head back to school – I feel a little meh about it.  I’m always surprised at how fast the summer goes by.  And this summer really sped.  Maybe it was because last summer was such a bummer of a summer (ha!), but we really tried to enjoy this one to the fullest.  I think we succeeded! 

The Dell Debacle continues.  I fully expect at the very least a phone call next Tuesday, informing me that my computer is yet “backordered” again.  At which time I will exercise my right to cancel the order.  I’ve already been out and about, choosing an alternative.  It is a shame really.  I’m just replacing my personal PC.  What about all the school and college kids heading off without their new computers?  What about all the parents who ordered early – we’re talking June – in order to have the kids set up for September and still, they are waiting.  And today, I received yet another email advertisement from Dell, spouting the wonderfulness that is their Back-to-School Sale!!!!  What nerve!  You would think at the very least they would match their advertising efforts to their production efforts at this point and stop Pissing people off.  I’ve even had the pleasure of taking a customer satisfaction survey from the idiots!  Let me tell you, that survey had very few “satisfied” bullets marked.  You may ask why I haven’t just cancelled my order?  I’ve heard horror stories about the cancellation process and at this point, I will let Dell initiate that process to avoid having to bang my head against the brick wall.  Forget about calling their “Customer Circus” lines, too.  I’ve spoken to only two people so far that actually know anything. And I have a phone call into my Friend there and hopefully he will have something to tell me Sunday when he returns to his office.    Needless to say, I’m very disappointed in the whole process and would clearly be thrilled if in fact it shipped out next Tuesday, but I really think we are in for a major backorder this time.  I read on the blog this morning that one person ordered their computer 7/26 and have now been backordered till October.  So, I’m not holding out much hope.  I just hope Dell gets their act together for all those customers willing to stick it out with them.  I would have been willing if a little honesty was forthcoming from the company – but too many excuses, too many run arounds, to too many people. 

Well, since this is a knitting blog and not a Dell blog – I will get another pair of sock finished before school starts and I will start in on the CPH once the weather cools off again – I hear we are going to get into the 90’s tomorrow.  And today is muggy enough for me to believe it!

Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. I’m amazed to read about your troubles with Dell. I must have just dodged the bullet. I bought a computer from them in July and I got it right away! Even though I am having problems with their customer service, I guess I better count myself lucky.

  2. What a beautiful rose. It just sat up there and posed for you like it was happy to see you.

    Please don’t mention the CPS until the weather dips below 70, m’kay?

    Dell bastards!

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