Six Pack


Oh, I know.  The hit’s that title will generate.  But I’m thinking those searching for beer will be more disappointed than I will that they landed here.


My Summer Six Pack of Socks.  And because I cannot stop. 


The seventh.  Oh, I started this one this morning.  What is wrong with me?  I cannot stop knitting the socks.  I feel a need for more socks.  Am I sock nesting?  Is it the cold weather we’ve had recently?  Why can’t I put that energy into, say, a sweater?  I could easily have finished CPH this week.  But instead.  I am thinking I will finish this seventh pair and cast on for an 8th.  Summer isn’t over yet.  And I’m thinking I want to make this my summer accomplishment as far as knitting goes.  A wardrobe of socks for the fall and winter.  I’m actually going to be ahead of the game here, folks.  Never happened before.  Nope.  Not to me. My left thumb is a little bit, shall we say, stiff?  But really.  It has no reason to be.  It’s not even my working knitting hand.  And it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything else today either – I baked cookies.  Made a few phone calls.  Alright.  I mostly knit.  But i did take breaks.  Honest.  It’s just such a dreary day.  Three dreary days in a row.  I could tell you that if I had my new computer – I probably wouldn’t have gotten this much knitting done.  But we are in week three of a “backorder”.  Or shall I say, week three of I was supposed to be playing with my new computer, but instead, I’m rebooting this bastid at least 5 times a day.  And will the new computer ship when it’s supposed to – on or before the 28th?  I don’t think so.  Of course it won’t.  It won’t be here in time for me to shove this one in a bag and give it to my oldest, so he can do what he does to computers and play with it back at college.  Nope.  It’s going to come the day after he starts classes.  Then I’ll have to give it to the hubster to truck on down to him.  But this is not earth shattering.  This is just my normal.  And that’s ok. 

ETA:  If you are waiting for your Dell order – and yes, I’m using their name, they deserve all the backlash they’re getting right now – check out their blog.    You’re certainly not alone in this situation – it’s astounding the amount of Dell’s customer’s who have been given the same ship date – August 28th. 

I’m thinking ahead to fall/winter knitting.  And I know I will want another cardy – good thing CPH is on the second sleeve.  I can start finishing that puppy up.  And then, scoop – it’s getting frogged.  I decided I’m not a varigated LARGE sweater type person.  And this is varigated.  And I’m, well, large.  Not good.  So that basically leaves the two shawls on the needles and one scarf.  Wow.  I’m at a loss for WIP’s.  So Kauni could very well be the next cardy on the needles after CPH.  Wow.  I didn’t think I’d get to that this soon.  A little unexpected, but I really have decided that if things aren’t working for me or if I’m absolutely not going to love them when they are done – back to the yarn pile they go! 

Those flippin weather people are still saying it’s going to be warm tomorrow – I’ve got jeans on, the windows are shut, and I’m sleeping with a blanket on at night.  I’m even thinking I should get up and put on a sweater right now.  I still think it’s one of the few jobs you can have, screw up daily, and still have a job the next day. 

Back to the sock………


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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! You deserve a huge pat on the back.

    As for Dell, pooh on them! I can’t believe the trouble you’re having! For shame.

  2. So many pretty socks here!

    Dell sucks, Gateway sucks, I’m calling Knitpicks in the moring to give them a HUGE chunk of my mind…isn’t customer service even part of American business anymore? *sigh*

  3. Wow – what a collection! So pretty! I, too, am a huge fan of sock knitting in the summer for some reason (I don’t have six to show for it, though! Wow!) And then I don’t knit socks all winter – it’s weird. Sorry about the computer nonsense – what a bummer! I can’t believe it!

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