Please go Nominate him now for The Knitter’s Hunk………….I don’t care who else you pick, just include Mike in your three.  I cannot properly place my nominations, because I am not fickle and I only could vote for Mike Rowe.  (this is said to impress you know who….Mike Rowe)  My husband totally knows about my, um, thing for Mike, but I’ve put up for years with his thing for Heather Locklear…………nuff said?

ETA:  I’ve just been notified that my MikeRoweCubed  is in!!! (moniker and acceptance of nomination courtesy of Handeyecrafts) Thank you!!!!

I had planned todays post around the five and half pairs of socks that I have completed this summer – impressive, yes?  I know!  I’m just saying.  I’m proud of me.  How bout you?   My mission to get rid of all the skanky socks in my sock drawer is really coming along.  But the photo’s were blurry, the camera was dying – it was not working out.  So you have Mike’s Photo, which, take my word for it.  Way better than a photo of my socks.

We are on Day three of the rainy season.  In New Jersey.  I bet you didn’t know we had a rainy season.  In New Jersey.  Neither did I.  But after the beautiful weather we had on Saturday, which I ordered specifically for my DH’s 50th Birthday Party, I guess it came with a price.  I’m so very sorry if you missed the party, and are now paying the price by putting up with the rain.  But it was so worth it. My Sissy and her DH came up for the day, we had lot’s of friends and  Too much food.  Lot’s of Fun.  Fireworks.  Birthday Cake.  Food.  Fun.  Did I mention there was food?  Because I can throw another whole party with the amount of food we still have.  And people did eat – we were cooking most of the afternoon, so there was lot’s of eating.  But still, there is the food.  I’m actually making a pot of sauce and meatballs tonight – because as I said, there is still food.  And so I must make more. 


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