Silver Swan



eta:  added new, better photo

My latest and I think my favorite Swan Design.  I’ve combined two of my original designs, and come up with this Graceful Version.  I really like her, I hope you do too!  Thanks for all your inquiries – there are some already available in the shop, and this one will be in shortly.  Details:  Sterling Silver, 2.5 x 2.5 and will be priced at 32.00 plus shipping, which is 3.00 for US and Canada. I do ship Everywhere Else, but those costs are determined on desitnation. 

 Josephine Top – at last!


Here she is, finished.  I’ve worn her twice so far, and let me tell you, I love this top!  If you were hesitant about it  – don’t be.   It was a great knit, beautifully written pattern and the finishing is just perfect for it.  It’s so feminine and comfy – really – I think it is my most favorite top that I’ve knit. 

Deets:  Josephine Top from Interweave Knits, by Deborah Newton,  Summer 2007

Yarn:  Karabella Vintage Cotton – just wonderful to knit with and a gorgeous sheen to it.

Started:  May,2007

Finished: August 2007

Needles:  I dropped down a needle size to get gauge, to a US 4 for the Body and US 3 for the smaller needle size.  I don’t usually have to do this, but I’m glad I swatched and measured because it would have been totally HUGE if I didn’t.  It fits perfectly. 

Tie:  I deviated from the tie they called for – I beaded some of the yarn with some bronze, brown beads and made a simple crocheted chain.  That’s it.  It really sets off the yarn and adds a special touch to the top. 

Blocking:  I didn’t.  I lightly steamed the whole thing as the pattern called for.  I’m usually a dunk and block knitter, but in this case, steaming worked out perfectly.  It really lined up the stitches and made everything snap into shape. 

Finished one plain sock, cast on for it’s mate.  Collected a lot of odds and end balls of sock yarn to try out that crocheted Granny Square thing that’s going around the blogs right now – I’m liking it, and since I crochet pretty fast, I can see this working up quick even in sock yarn.  Like I needed another project, absolutely. 

It was a great weekend – beautiful weather, motorcycling, my favorite burger place, scoring a great bathing suit, and lazying around in the pool.  I’ll have a hard time topping that.


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  1. Oh Josephine is breathtakingly beautiful. I’d love to see it modeled on you. Do you recall how many skeins you needed? This is really lovely and I love the color/yarn you selected.

  2. What delicious eye candy you’ve provided for a dreary Monday. I think your latest swan has got to be my favorite so far too. And your Josephine is gorgeous. So when’s the modeled shot? 😉

  3. Josephine is just lovely! What a versatile knit that I’m sure you’ll wear forever! Do you have to wear a cami under it?
    It’s really cute.

    Guess what I started just noodling around? A sock yarn granny square blankie!! You better cut this enabling stuff out Chris! 🙂

  4. That top came out beautifully. I had my eye on it when the magazine came out; I’m glad to know it worked out well. (I’m going to be a goner when Ravelry invites me in, aren’t I?)

  5. That’s just the push I need to start Josephine. I have the page dog-earred in my magazine, but I was on the fence about it. Do you wear something under it? The v-neck seems very low, particularly if you’re someone who is…well endowed.

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