I’m a Lucky Knitter


I’ll be the first to admit I have wonderful friends.  Wonderful, Knitting Friends.  Who know just what knitterly gifts to bestow upon you for your Birthday. 

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday.  Jeanne worked her summer hours, and we headed out to a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel, and then to a new-to-me yarn store – A Yarn for All Seasons.  On the way over to lunch, I got to open up my gifts from Jeanne……


Gorgeous Sock yarn, (so my colors!!!)  A book I’ve been coveting from her, and wonderful Knitters Cream – smells heavenly.  The yarn store was nice and just happened to be having an awesome sale – my purchases are below – I would definitely go back there again.  We headed back to Jeanne’s house, where we had some tea and knitting -Thanks so much Jeanne!  I had the best afternoon and I’m a very lucky girl, indeed!

 I’m almost done with a sock that I’ve been dallying around with – and now, I need to finish because as you can see….


I’ve got more luscious sock yarn in Queue!!  Above is my selection, thanks to Rox’s Gift certificate from Karen’s Heavenly Creations – wonderful colors.  I just love this yarn. 


And my loverly Duet Sock yarn (A Swell Yarn Shop) from Laurie, with the neat little skein of sock/heel yarn – I can’t wait to start on these socks!!!


Oops – that is the yarn I gave ME for my birthday – From Wooly Wonka Fiber  In Buckwheat Honey – it’s for the Bee Fields Shawl and I really couldn’t think of a better color to be making the shawl with – a definite departure for me and the colors I usually choose, but hey – you gotta branch out sometime!


Sockotta and needles from A Yarn for all Seasons – I’m loving the Sockotta for the summer sock knitting and these colors are just so nice. 


And this little fellow just happened to need to come home with me too!  I really couldn’t have asked for a better fiber-wonderful Birthday – Thanks everyone!!!

I’ve also been reading – I did finish Twilight and I have to say, this is a neat book.  I really enjoyed reading it, it really wasn’t too Young Adult  – no more so than other YA books that us grown ups are reading now-a-days.  I’m just starting the second in the series and really enjoying it also. 

Still waiting on the new computer – after a phone call on the day it was supposed to ship – and being informed that the new ship date is August 28th, I fear I will be living with the constant crashing computer that I have now.  Not to mention DH’s computer for his weather station is fried from the Bad storms we had last week.  Sigh.  As is his cell phone. Double Sigh.  Good thing I had my old cell phone ready for him to take over. 

It is a beautiful day today – DH is talking motorcycle ride and I just don’t see how you can stay indoors on a nice day like today – so catch ya later!!


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  1. What wonderful gifts! And I see you’re going to do the Bee Fields shawl! Did you join the KAL? I want to start that *right now*, but I’m trying to be disciplined about how many shawls I have OTNs.

  2. Wow you sure are lucky! Everything is lovely!

    My birthday is next month and guess what I got myself for my birthday? Yup, Bees will be buzzing here at Blog de Fluffy too 🙂

    I went for the stole version tho, in the original color.

  3. That’s a lot of birthday goodness! I just saw Aussie Merino sock yarn for the first time this past weekend. Very pretty colors and very economical too. I love all that sock yarn. Are you doing the Bee Shawl or the Stole? I’ve got my eyes on the stole. I’m thinking of using stash (imagine that!) yarn.

    Thanks for signing up for the birthday card exchange. I’ll reply to your email with my address when I get home. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous stuff – and you’ll love that ripple book! (I surely do!)
    hmmm….Bee Fields huh? I’ll be making one in the Tupelo Gold colorway…which is a departure for ME, too!

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