Swan Song



The Swan Collection, Inspired by Melanie Gibbons Mystery Stole 3, Swan Lake.

In the Shop Now.  I will be making more, and there are 4 styles of Swan’s in this collection.  The Copper, Nickel Silver and Nugold are priced at $22.00 plus shipping.  The Sterling Silver will be up in the shop soon, also, but priced slightly higher.  And as I said yesterday, the design is still evolving.  There are so many little curves and angles that could change the look of the Swans, and I’m having a lot of fun playing. 



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  1. Totally tempted to buy one, especially because I’m also knitting the stole! But I’m saving a bit at the moment and promised myself to only buy essential untill the end of the month…

  2. Oh, those are gorgeous!!! I can’t believe how talented you are! Well, I can, I guess, since I see if for myself, but between your photos, your knitting and your jewelry designs, you’re leaving the rest of us in the dust!

  3. I like the swan with the heart. Very nice! Not that the others aren’t nice but I have a “thing” for hearts. 🙂 You’ve got a flair for the bendy things!!

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