What a LOT of Noise!


Oy.  Last night 0r should I say this morning.  Three Thunderstorms.  The first one woke me up at 1:45 – it was bad, but not that bad.  The second one?  3:15.  Constant lightning and thunder.  DH was up.  He said – “I haven’t seen a storm like this in years”  Then he said the word “rotation”.  That’s when I got dressed.  Yep.  Put the old clothes on.  Didn’t want to be caught in the ole nightgown in case of an emergency.  Grabbed the cell phone.  We lost power more times than I could count, but it always came back.  There was soooooo much rain, we had a good inch floating across the patio, which we thought would wash away the grass we just planted.  Surprisingly, it hung in there.  One sheperds hook is down and kinda melted into the ground from all the water/sand that washed over it.  DH ran out on a call around 3:40 – the river was flooding and when he came back he said there was a good FOOT of water at the end of our road. A foot!!  Of water!!!  We’ve never seen that.  Then just a little before 5 am, another smaller storm came through.  What a night.  I slept in till just before 9, but DH has got to be dragging.  It’s beautiful and sunny out right now.  Yeesh.  I did catch the end of the morning news and it looks like parts of Brooklyn may have indeed seen a tornado?  Anyone?


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  1. Oh wow! Mother Nature sure is a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, parts of Hawaii are suffering from extreme drought conditions. I suppose it’s feast or famine.

  2. Man – I’ve been through a flood. Watching the car of the guy I was dating at the time float down the stret from the second floor balcony of an apartment building. Second floor because the water had risen to about 8 inches from the ceiling of the first floor. No fun.

    You folks okay? Don’t take any chances with flood waters, trust me. It’s treacherous stuff…

  3. We’re getting the hot, humid, thunderstorm / tornado cycle around here! My mom lost power but not me (we live in different parts of the same city).

    Take good care, Chris!

  4. It was terrible – I couldn’t sleep (dog and I don’t really like storms!). I finally got up at 3, and decided to go to work early – bad idea! It took me over 3 hours to get there to find my building was flooded! I’m tired too – I hope tonight is a little more calm.

  5. I came visiting following your comment about autism. I don’t envy you your weather [even though we’re in earthquake country] but I’ll be watching the news tonight.
    Best wishes

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