Loose Ends



I must feel like finishing up the Loose Ends I have around – fall must be in the air, although, it is just oppressive outside today.  So here we have the Shoalwater Shawl, in the middle of the second repeat.  Opal, these shot’s are for you.  The colors are pretty accurate considering the light outside is not the best right now.  I feel like this pattern really lets the yarn show – Claudia Hand Painted  Silk in Carribean Blue.  It’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous yarn.  And knitting it makes me feel all the calm that the ocean evokes in me.  I do love the water, and I miss it being here on a mountain. 


If the sun was at least out today, for any length of time, we could be floating around the pool, catching some healthy outdoor vibes.  But no.  Hazy, Hot, Humid, dismal.  Bleechy.  So I get to sit, and knit and feel the calm that is the Shoalwater. And watch Mike Rowe.  

 Opal, I highly recommend this pattern for your Handpainted yarn – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

I recently made a cell phone purchase at a popular auction site.  After going back in forth with the formerly blah blah cell company now doh doh doh company (which would have so given me a exception upgrade at the normal price), and I do mean back and forth.  Yes they can do it.  No, they can’t.  Yes they can, but at three times the cost.  No, I won’t.  I finally said screw it, took a chance and did the auction thing.  Made sure it was my network ready, unlocked, legal, new, yadda yadda.  Still I had reservations.  It came yesterday.  Sim card in and Viola – I had a working cell phone for not too much more than  doh doh would have charged me, if they had actually come through with the upgrade.   Then I couldn’t get the browser to work.  sigh.  But wait, went to blah blah/doh doh’s  forums and the fix was there.  Viola – everything hunky dory and the phone has kept it’s charge for 24 hours so far, so the battery isn’t beat.  Time will tell.  But so much for customer service for longtime customers who are now thinking of shopping around for a new cell network, thankyouverymuch. 

I did venture out to a popular huge bookstore today (don’t know why I’m not mentioning company names, but I feel safer that way) and since I saw a new series that is supposed to be the new “HP” (but the author poo pooed that on TV this morning)  and the books were reasonable via coupon – I picked up the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyers.  They are for young adults,  but I was told women older than myself were enjoying them, and since I can do with a little less reality lately, I figured why not? If they don’t work out, my youngest’s GF has agreed to take them off my hands.  Anyone else read these yet? 


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  1. Thank you for the pictures! They’re gorgeous and now I’m even more undecided as to what pattern to use for the silk then ever before. Ack foo.

    The Twilight Series looks like great fun. Especially since I’m rereading the Anita Blake series. Mm. Vampires. 😉

  2. Oh, my gosh, that color is so pretty. I’ve got the Shoalwater Shawl pattern in my queue to work up. I really do love the pattern and the color is just perfect!

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