Patti O



Zee Patti O, she is Fini.  (click for the full shot)  We are sooooooo happy with it.  The grass is seeded – hopefully thinking about sprouting soon.  I do have a few things to get – like a good looking remedy for the garden hose, but we are really enjoying our new outdoor living space.  Pretty much spent all weekend out there and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.  I did bring the knitting out there with me, but got wrapped up in a book, and, well, the knitting – it suffered for it. 

It was a really nice weekend, starting with our Knitting Group Summer Get Together at Jeanne’s house – Friends, Food, Swimming – what more can you ask for?  Oh.  Yeah, Knitting.  Some did, some crocheted, some didn’t.  But we did talk of the knitting.  That has to count for something. And Laurie gave me some awesome Duet Sock yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop – it’s really beautiful and I can’t wait to cast on with it!

On the finishing front – I did finish The Josephine Top and wore it to the partee on saturday.  I’m really, really happy with how it came out, it fits me perfectly and I would like another – but I’m not ready to cast on for it right now.  I also cast on for the Lutea Lace Shoulder top – and ripped it out.  Had second thoughts, mostly yarn related.  Plus, a slight set back with being able to knit, after an asshat WASP stung me on my wedding ring finger on Friday.  Said finger swelled up like a sausage, I couldn’t bend it and knitting actually hurt.  By saturday the swelling was down a bit, but I still can’t get my wedding ring back on (had the presence of mind to take it off immediately once I was stung because I knew I would swell).  Turns out, we had not one, but two paper wasp nests along the pool rail.  And I was bothering them when I reached my hand over the rail to backwash the filter.  hrumph! Oh, the nests?  They be gone now. 

Rox sent me an awesome gift certificate for yarn on etsy!!! From Karen’s Heavenly Creations,  And it took me no more than a day to decide what I wanted – it is currently on it’s way to me now.  Do I need to tell you to go check this Etsy shop out? Karen has wonderful, vibrant yarn and is a real sweetheart. Thanks so much, Rox! So I do owe you photo’s of birthday yarn and Josephine.  Perhaps if the dreary weather breaks for a spell, I’ll be able to take some decent shots. 


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  1. Awesome patio! I’m coming over when???

    The Josephine….ahhhh…I ordered yarn when I got home Saturday. 🙂

    Dumb ass wasp. I think the pool water may have helped it. You should spend another day in the pool. Doctor’s orders!

  2. Great patio – I can’t wait to come sit there and knit. It looks so peaceful! Hope you are feeling better. Josephine was amazingly gorgeous – you should be so proud!

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