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Ausable Chasm, NY.

We’re Home.  We had a fantastic time on the Motorcycle Trip.  It really was, despite being rained on three days in a row, one of the best trips so far.  My DH has a knack for planning some of the most scenic ways to a destination, and he didn’t let us down this time.  Our first day, we drove backroads all the way to the Catskills, where we stayed at the very nice Kaatskill Mountain Club.  Perfect destination – hot tub, pool, beautiful rooms, dining on the premises – everything you could ask for after a long day on the motorcycle.  I would definitely go back there again.  Our second day was traveling to Lake Placid to meet the CT Chapter of the Red Knights – we really had just beautiful roads, beautiful weather on the way up.  Tupper Lake was the only bleech – the whole town was ripped up and the roads were basically dirt – no fun, but manageable.  We arrived at Art Devlins Olympic Motor Lodge ahead of everyone else, for the first time.  We quickly checked in and went swimming.  I hadn’t been in Lake Placid for over 10 years and I forgot how much there is to do there.  We will definitely be going back.  We had a great Ferry ride over Lake Champlain, took part in a Ride for the NY Chapter of The Red Knights on Saturday, more beautiful roads, the St. Lawrence Seaway and a bit o’ rain on the way back to the hotel.  The lightning hitting the river we were riding along kinda freaked me out a bit, but the golfer’s we passed holding metal umbrella’s and standing under some tall pine trees?  Um, I felt like less of a lightning attraction once I saw them. 

I did manange to knit – or should I say rip and re-knit a bit on the sock I brought with me – almost to the heel, and it’s just a plain jane sock now. 

So, we’re back.  The patio is almost complete.  The house is a mess.  There is cleaning, and party planning (DH’s belated party) and the rest of the summer to speed away.  And hopefully some cool knitting weather in the forecast….

And Tomorrow?

My Birthday.


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  1. That photo is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful!

    It sounds like a great time from beginning to end.

    Glad you’re home! Happy Belated to DH!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Your trip sounds like it was beautiful. I’ll be going to the Catskills this weekend coming up and I can’t wait. It’s so gorgeous there!

  3. Happy day after your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day and that it was filled with all the things what bring you the happy. 🙂

    And I’m with everyone else– that photo is breathtaking!

  4. Holy crap Chris, that is a gorgeous photo! I want it for my desktop wallpaper. You have great photographic skills.
    Happy Belated Birthday to you and to DH. Sorry I’ve been so behind lately!

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