Anybody Seen my Normal?



 First thing Friday morning – as soon as the email arrived – I hurried up and printed out MS3 clue 4 – and haven’t knit on it.  I can only blame it on the confirmed and spreading case of Poison Ivy that I have in a bad, bad place.  I did take myself off to the doctor – and I’m now on the prednisone.  We have a 5 day motorcycle trip coming up in two days – and the thought of being on a bike, in jeans, in the heat, with poison ivy – well, that’s enough to make anyone throw the drugs at you.  I just hope we don’t get the blistering, and hopefully we caught it early enough to head that off.

First thing Saturday morning – 8 am, at Walmart.  No lines.  No commotion – lots and lots of Harry Potter Books.  Home by 9, handing book over to DS2.  I won’t get to read it till after Lake Placid (room on a motorcycle is at a premium and it’s a BIG book) but that’s ok – I have a spot reserved on the new patio for reading it….

My new best friend, Mernon, has emailed me the “change in my order” email that means my DO is cancelled.  Whew.  And the order he took is being built.  I think we are all ok with the computer.  And this is a good thing, since I’m running a minimally loaded laptop right now because we still like to crash, oh, 3, 4 times a day.  Just to keep the suspense up. 

The patio is coming along – the hard, gravel is down and I’m thinking next is sand, then the stone work.  Hopefully that will be commencing Monday and Tuesday.  I think by the time we ge back from Lake Placid, we may have the stairs in.  I really can’t wait until this is a functioning part of our backyard – it’s going to be lovely. 

We went to at neighborhood farm party yesterday – it was just a gorgeous day……


And that Brown Sheep – that’s my Ariel!  She lives up the road on our friends farm – she is just so much happier there – and FAT!!  And she doesn’t remember me at all, but that’s ok – she’s with her sheepy friends and that’s what’s important.  What a beautiful farm – Julie has gardens that are just unbelieveable – and those flowers at the top of my post are one of many vases she had scattered around – just breathtaking – this is what I want to have the back of our hill look like someday – I just don’t know how she does it – I asked her and she says she doesn’t “do” anything.  She must have the touch, I’ll tell you. 

We had a great day – lot’s of friends, good food, beautiful weather and fireworks and stars to wrap it up.  I did knit a bit on my sock at the doctors office yesterday, but the knitting really got neglected.  We did talk knitting at the party – a new neighbor wants me to teach her to knit – that should be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it – we may just have another knitter at our meetings someday!  Today may not be much better, as there is a trip planning, Dove Chocolate party, and BBQ on the slate today – yeesh! 

Have a great day!


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  1. How unbelievably rotten would it be to find out that this IS your normal? :-O Let’s hope this current state of…ahem..affairs ends soon. I blame Mernon.


    Ariel is a looker. And very lucky to have her sheep peeps.

    I’m bike riding today so will try not to think of your p-ivy. Come ON Prednisone! Do your stuffs!

  2. I have yet to start on clue 4 as well. Though I’ll probably pick it up during the ball game this afternoon. That is if the sock mania abates.

    I picked up my copy of HP at Costco. No lines, no fuss. Only I’ve decided not to read it all at one go. I want to prolong the experience since this will be the last book.

    I hope your poison ivy rash abates ASAP! I used to get really bad hives and they were agony! The thought of jeans in the heat sounds tortuous. 😦 But the lovely picture of Ariel sure is soothing.

  3. Those flowers ARE to die for! I was drooling…
    Hope that poison ivy clears up FAST – omg – I can’t even imagine…
    Take care of yourself! And have a great trip…(Ariel is a doll!)

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