new-dell.jpgMy new Best Friend, Mernon, (name changed to protect the new best friend)  who also was responsible for getting the order into their system, has assured me that the duplicate order is cancelled.  And that I should see a cancellation confirmation email two days ago.  I can tell you, that when I follow the links on the Mernon Order (MO) it does indeed show the computer in production with all the nifty info on delivery and shipping with my name and address correct and what not.  I can also tell you when I follow the same links on the Duplicate Order (DO) it does not show any nifty information, just an “order cannot be found” page.  Which makes me feel good.  Because I haven’t gotten any cancellation emails or confirmations of cancellations.  And, my balance has not been restored for the duplicate computer.  Which worries me.  So, I’m guessing by tomorrow morning, I’ll be having another Chat with my new best friend.  You know, I’m just giving it the time it took for the DO to be found and hit their system.  And my head can’t take anymore phone calls.  Too on the brink of migrainetown.  Thank you all for letting me whine, and stamp my feet – you are very kind to me. 

Oh Yeah.  And I have a rash.  Which is suspiciously feeling very much like poison ivy.  I’m very, very allergic to poison ivy.  So much so that when I get it, I usually have to go see the doctor, where he gets to say, wow, that’s a nasty case of poison ivy, and I get to say yeah, isn’t it?  And then we get to argue a little while about why he doesn’t want to put me on prednisone and then I get to tell him he always ends up putting me on prednisone AND antibiotics so why not just, you know, cut my suffering in half and gimme the damn prednisone!!!  The way I figure it – that’s one less drug to put in my system -right?  Well, I do have this creme from the last time I had this happen – and it’s in a most – and I”m shakin my head right now – it’s in a bad place.  Just a bad, bad place.  But still a place I can apply creme to.  So I’m using that creme.  And I have a spot on my waist.  And I can feel a spot on my right thigh itching.  If I catch the sonofagun who had poison ivy on them, and did not warsh their clothes directly – in which case I probably touched them or worse yet – they touched my clothes in the WASH!!!!  – I will make them suffer.   

So the patio was supposed to be started yesterday – but as anyone in NJ and NY knows – we all woke up to torrential rains, thunderstorms and if you live on LI – tornadoes.  So, patio diggage started today – wimps stopped when we got a little shower – pshaw.  It’s nice and sunny now, and heating up to what can only be severe thunderstorm weather.  That should really help that new sink hole in Midtown Manhattan.  Oh, and my yellow lab – Bailee – well, she stole a bag of rawhide chewies.  And ate them.  All. But. Half. Of. One.  Guess what I woke up to this morning.  And she’s fat.  So it’s not that we don’t feed her.  Oh no.  She steals food.  She’s always grabbing stuff out of the garbage.  This is the first time she actually reached the MIDDLE of my kitchen island.  And then.  When I had to put my tuna sandwich down – and stupidly put it in the MIDDLE of my kitchen island.  Guess what she did again?  I swear.  I hate this week.

But let me just say, that however much I hate this week – your caring and comments have really kept my spirits up – and really, I know it could be worse.  I’m just having a week.  I just really love the fact that you read this here blog, even through the complaining.  And the comments? – I especially love them.  So keep em coming!

I did get all of Josephine’s Back done and cast on for the front.  And it’s now going incredibly slow.  S. L. O. W.  But it’s getting done and hopefully it and the patio will be in use before the end of summer.  And I just love looking up projects on Ravelry – what a great resource when you are making something to be able to just type it in and see what everyone else is doing on the same project! 

My yarn for Kauni arrived yesterday – July 17th from The Netherlands, Astrids is just wonderful! I ordered it July 13th.  From The Netherlands.  For the love of all that is postal, why can’t we get that kind of service when we mail stuff within the US.  I’m just saying.  It’s lovely, muted yarn, and I’m being a good knitter, not winding it into balls.  I will not cast on.  I will not.  I won’t.  I can’t. 

Can I?


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  1. I’m sending you good vibes to help you with that poison ivy rash and the Dell debacle. I feel so lucky in that there is no poison ivy here on the islands.

    I had to kind of laugh at the antics of your dog though. When all is said and done, it is kind of comical. It’s of the “one day we’ll laugh about this” variety. I imagine your too close to it to really appreciate the humor of it.

    Good luck on resisting the lure of the Kauni. So far I’ve been successful in deterring the siren call of new projects, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

    I *so* did not mean to write an essay in your comments.

  2. Wow – you ARE having a bad week! Hope it gets better soon! And TG tomorrow is F, right?! Though that doesn’t help much with anything, does it? Dogs still steal food on Saturdays, poison ivy still itches, and computers probably can’t arrive – or be aided by those helpful “care” people – on weekends, either. Sooooo… Well. Er, yes. Glad I’ve cheered you up, here.

  3. Good god. I’m having a week too but it pales in comparison with yours. I am blessedly not allergic at all to poison ivy so, with that in mind, I’m sending you inappropriate hugs. And now I have to go knock on wood or else I’ll go outside tomorrow, have a passing bird drop some poison ivy on my face, and discover that I have recently developed a wicked bad allergy to it.

  4. Oh, why don’t ya wind it? It might help improve your week. You can make believe you’re winding away your troubles. But for the love of all that is (not) itchy, triple wash your hands before handling so the “ivy” doesn’t transfer. (I heard that it doesn’t work that way, tho. Do you believe that one?)

    Good luck with your new best friend, Mernon. I’m sure you’ll be exchanging Christmas cards…but I hope it’s not because you’re still waiting for your new ‘puter!

    Poor Bailee. She’s a girl with the munchies. Which one of us hasn’t had that now and again (and again)?

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