Am I too Old to Stamp My Feet?


What is Customer Service and has anybody every had it?  Isn’t it supposed to “serve” the customer?  You know, help them out?  Fix their issues?  Better yet, fix the issue that you, the service provider, assed up to begin with? 

New Computer.  Ha!  After not receiving anything since my “acknowledgement” email, aka we’re thinking you want a new computer, but we’re thinking we might just fuck around with you for a little while, then loose the order – I called – Customer CARE.  You know.  The people who are supposed to CARE about what your problem is.  The first person didn’t really CARE at all, told me she couldn’t find the order – and how could she – I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in my hemisphere – but would i please reference her name and ID badge when I spoke about this issue in the future?  Why – so everyone can know you don’t CARE?  The second CARING person I spoke too, found it necessary to tell me that I could have gotten a way better deal just by going through them and not their educator program.  Um, aren’t you also selling your computers to educators, government workers and anyone else that is in your preferred programs?  Isn’t it still YOU.  WTF are you talking about.  She cared enough to give me another number to call to find someone else who might have cared a bit more.  And I did.  And I found Marcus – he did care.  He was a sweetie – and we almost had it all worked out, but then because of the preferred thing – get this – they couldn’t meet the price (totally blows caring girls #2’s theory, doesn’t it?) so he got me to the preferred department – and he actually told them the whole sad story – the order was made, we charged her preferred card for it, we credited her balance back, we spec’ed out the new computer, please, please help this woman.  And I did get another CARING bloke – don’t know his name, hand cramped up at this point, but let’s just call him CB (for caring bloke).  He worked all that preferred stuff out and voila!  We’re ready for one of those order-taker people.  Hang on a sec.  tip, tap, tip, tap.  “CB here again – I’ve got some bad news?  This calls hasn’t been all for nothing, I just want you to know that. ” (heart just stopped beating, I’m tired, both arms are numb because it is 7:10 and I’ve been on and off the phone with them since 4:20)  “The sales department is CLOSED.”

The fucking sales department closed.  10 minutes earlier. 

But I can call this number – bladdy blah blah – at 6am EASTERN TIME, and finish the order up. 

It’s 7:24.  They’re not open.  I know this because I have been calling them since 6:24. 

Now, you may be asking yourself why I am putting myself through this instead of just taking my ass off to the store and buying a computer.  I really want this computer.  And I figure if I’m going through this much bullshit now – the rest is going to be a breeze.  And if you think anything different – I’m just going to put my hands over my ears, stamp my feet and yell at the top of my lungs “BLAH BLAH BLAH, I CAN’T HEAR YOU”!!!

 I did finish up MS Clue 3 and pulled Josephine out of the bag to work on.  So there was some knitting.  But mostly, there was angst, fustration, deflation and dejection. 

ETA: After calling again this morning the computer is all ordered – the confirmation email has arrived and all is right with the world.


After going to meet Laurie for a little R&R and knitting, I came home to find another confirmation email.  You guessed it.  For the frickin original order that seven, count’em, SEVEN people could not find yesterday and assured me that a double order would not hit their system. Well it did.    I think my frickin head is going to explode off my shoulders into a firey mess on my living room floor, thereby negating the need for any laptop computer what-so-frickin-ever.   Please, please, please tell me this is going to be over soon.  I have put in a call to one out of two of the helpful, caring people at customer care – with all the numbers, whistles and duplications mentioned and one can only hope they will call me back before said head-explosion takes place so that I may live yet another day to be pissed off and trampled by some more of the wonderful people that make up these huge, unorganized, mega computer makers.   Either that, or they will cancel both orders, thereby reducing me to a blabbering mess who can’t remember what a flippin computer is or what it’s used for. (because apparently?  They don’t use them in the course of their jobs)



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  1. Not only does this call for foot stamping but you may be able to do a bit of kicking and beating your hands and feet on the floor.

    They probably use a pad of paper and a pencil. A dull pencil.

    But the head exploding thing? It would TOTALLY ruin your new haircut. Don’t do it!

    Thanks for the meet-up this AM. It was fun chasing people out of the chairs.

  2. OMG What a nightmare! I’d say this not only calls for some foot stomping, but some hair pulling wouldn’t be amiss. A few primal screams might be cathartic as well. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way in the hope that this mess will be resolved ASAP.

  3. Stamp em’. Customer service these days is so shoddy. Whats worse is having to deal with schmuckheads via a phone. At least in person – the nasty look I throw might be acknowledged.

    Stampin’ for you here.

  4. OMG.
    I have been there.
    I HOPE it’s cleared up by now? I’m so sorry you’re having to go thru this and YES…STAMP away, m’dear! You deserve it!

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