Well, after two computer crashes yesterday, I went ahead and ordered a new puter.  I’m pretty sure someone’s told the current computer what I did – it’s crashed two more times this morning  – the last being at 10:49.  I discovered that little fun tidbit when I got home after 1.  We just don’t understand it – the computer should be good as new after all my DS did on Friday.  But I can’t work like that – and therefore – as soon as Dell gets to acknowledging my order – I hope to be in reciept of the new one fairly soon – I kinda think that the crashes are going to be more frequent, probably followed by gasping, seizing and totally dying.  Shouldn’t a laptop last more than 3 years?  Honestly.  I mean – you can tell I use it alot – I’ve completely worn off the markings on my M,N,and the K, L and O are  just partially there.  Sigh.  

I’m glad I was able to back everything up, print out the MS3 clues, the TKGA course instructions and whatnot – that may be what’s going to keep me busy till the new one arrives.    Thankfully there are 3 other computers in the house, so I won’t be without checking the email and etsy orders, but yeesh – what a pain in the arse!

Well, there’s a mudslide and a pool lounger with my name on it – before the storms roll in!


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  1. Your flying fingers must be causing sparks and, thusly, crashing the computer. (No? Not buying it?)

    Dell must have you on their speed dial. Hope the new ‘puter shows up FAST.

  2. Sorry for the untimely demise of your computer. Don’t you hate that these things don’t last as long as they should (and as long as they probably do in our landfills…)? It makes me ill. And all that is before I even think about how I’d never be able to go even one second without checking for messages!!! Glad to hear nothing was “lost” lost!

  3. A new computer, eh? I know it’s a pain to do, but you’ll be happier with a new system. I had to get a new one a couple of months ago. After the deal of setting it up, I’ve been quite happy with my new one.

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