Rules, Theories and Justification


Let me just say – pictures of the socks?  No.  I cannot for the life of me take decent photo’s of these socks.  I don’t know why.  Mercury is supposed to be out of Retrograde – my ass.  Every photo I’ve taken of them is blurry.  I can take photo’s of the yarn I bought.  Fine.  I can take photo’s of everything else.  Fine again.  But the socks.  They look like ass.  So, I’m sorry.  I know you were all gripping the edges of your seats waiting on them, but you’ll have to wait till my hands stops shaking or whatever the hell has taken over the camera to be gone.


Above you’ll notice my “haul” from vacation.  I think it’s modest for me.  I want to say, I was very conservative.  And especially after the yarn crawl and MDS&W – really, what else did I need?  Well, apparently I need some things, but not as much as one would think.  I did actually walk out of one shop without buying anything – gasp! 

Probably because of the fact that my luggage was admonishing me for not stuffing it full on the way home and adding in that I was up at 3:30 am on tuesday tooling around the internets, stumbling willy nilly in my sleep deprived state, I may have just ordered this….


That would be two balls of Zephyr Wool Silk in Vanilla.  From Sarah’s Yarns – Awesome! Which, ordered on Tuesday, arrived promptly on Wednesday.  Which forced me into doing this…….


Printing out those wonderful charts for MS 3.  What choice did I have then?  Honestly, was I supposed to leave the yarn and the charts just sitting around, getting dog-eared and dusty?  Ho ho ho, I don’t think so.  Which promptly lead to this……


Yes.  That is Clue 1.  All knit up and resting on the spider plant.  It’s really quite lovely.  And my only excuse is that I apparently get extremely impulsive with lack of sleep.  Then everything is so pretty and I want to do this!  NO, I want to do that!  Wait!  I’ll do this and then that and then pretty soon, that Rule of One?  Well, that just becomes a Theory.  Maybe mostly just a guideline.  You know, just like a Pirate knitter.  And then comes the justification part………I’m not really breaking the Rule of One……just because I have ONE shawl on the needles already.  This isn’t a shawl.  It’s a stole.  A stole is different from a shawl.  Really.  Go look it up. 

Ok.  Don’t look it up.  I know it’s pretty much the same, but so what?  I’m almost done with clue 2 and then I can pick up the Shoalwater.  See?  No one gets hurt.  Honest. 

And because I was thinking of doing This before I left on vacation.  And then I came back and Jeanne did it?  Well, dammit – I did it too.  Which is exactly what she wanted me to do.  I’m soooooo easily led.  But it’s a good thing – Master Knitter.  It’s a learning thing.  That can’t be bad for you.  Right?

So, that brings me screeching up to yesterday when my laptop was summarily backed up, wiped clean and reloaded in an effort to try to gain more time before buying the Dell I’m lusting after.  I didn’t have a computer all day yesterday.  Which could only explain why I was skipping through the order form at Astrids, happy clicking away to buy This to make the Kauni Cardigan.  Because all the sudden?  I need to learn how to do steeks!  Yes!  It came to me just now.  The Steeks?  They have to be done.  What kind of Master Knitter would I be if I didn’t learn the Steeks?  Honestly people.  Work with me here. 

Well this is a long-ass post, so lets make it a tad longer.  You didn’t think that all I found was stoles, and courses and cardy’s did ya?  Nope – in my quest I stumbled across this amazing lace knitter – Izzy’s knitting.  Jeez, louise.  Just amazing.  And that led to finding Lace Maven – which left me totally verclemped.  I’m just saying – you need to go check these talents out.  And just to break up the technical aspects of my search, I found, probably after everyone else did, the Diary of a Mad, Mad Housewife.  Snork out your nose funny. 

I really have no right to be lusting, ordering, more ordering – but I did.  And I feel pretty darn good about it. 

Which leaves no time at all to appease the guilt I’m feeling about posting only one vacation photo, Rox.


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  1. Cheater! You broke the rules! I suppose it is ok given how pretty the shawl (ahem…stole) is going to be. I can’t wait to see how the Kauni cardi goes…and congrats on starting to be a master knitter!

  2. Mad, mad here! What a great blog – love the pix, even without socks! What a great yarn haul! I chickened out joining MS3 because this whole internet thing is just too complicated, and I wasn’t sure how the whole thing worked… I’m a loser. Maybe next year – it sounds like fun, and your stole/shawl is beautiful! Thanks for the blog plug, too! (I don’t really have that many readers!!!)

  3. Ooo, you know, if you’re too busy with MS3 to work up any of that lovely yarn you got… I’m just sayin’. As a friend, I’d help you out by easing your load, dontcha know. ;p

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