What I Did On My Summer Vacation or…


Who the hell turned up the heat??? Monday morning I woke up in 52 degree’s of coolness……..by Monday afternoon we were swatting gnats in over 90 degrees of sweltering, sweating, hell like temperatures. And to think, cool weather is only an 8 hour drive away….

We had a great, much needed time away. We left NJ in the heat and I had been watching the weather in New England all week – threw in the sleeping bags at the last minute and I’m glad I did – we had temps that dipped way down at night – the only real heat we had was that first day we arrived and let me tell you, it broke very fast. That is my kind of weather – the bugs weren’t bad either, considering we camped around that very pretty Basin Lake.

Some of you mentioned my ambition with knitting projects and I have to say – you were right. I’m not disappointed though – I did manage to complete two pair of socks in 12 days – and that ain’t too shabby. I knit quite abit on the Chevron Scarf, both in the car on the way up and around the campfire in the evenings. Josephine and the shawl – well, they just didn’t ever make it out of the knitting bag – and they seemed a bit out of place at the campsite, so I feel like I protected them. All my uploading of podcasts on my ipod was for naught……I much rather enjoyed listening to the resident Loon’s calls than to popping earbuds in, while I sat and knit on those socks.   It’s too dreary to take photo’s of the socks right now – yucky NJ humidity at it’s worst, but I’ll post them as soon as I get some decent light.

I did make a few yarn purchases – not nearly of the magnitude of my last “yarncation” experience – I didn’t make the trip to Patternworks this year, so temptation was taken away from me. I did get to stop in Putney, VT at the Green Mountain Spinnery – procuring two skeins of their lovely sock yarn for a possible Chevron……my usual yarn haunt turned out to be a bit disappointing – I won’t name the shop to avoid any negativity – but I will say that walking into a deserted, dark shop…….well, it was a bit of a let down. I did buy some sockotta there and a couple of books, but didn’t make my usuall two to three stops in. I did find a lovely new to me shop in Norway, The Irish Ewe, and I’m now a Knitty Purl Girl! What a lovely shop and one I’ll be sure to visit on future trips, but – I don’t have to wait to get a fix – they do have a web site…..photo’s of the yarn purchases to follow shortly after the sock photo’s…

It was great to get away, and aside from this ghastly heat – it’s nice to be back home.


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  1. Alright. You know what? Everyone is thinking it, I’ll just be the one to say it. You are gone for what, 3 or 4 months on vacation and you come back with one tiny little picture?

    One teeny little pic? Hmph.

    This concludes our guilt trip for the day.

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