Because Things Aren’t Crazy Enough


I have this little feller hopping up and down ourside our front window - either he's courting himself or defending his territory against that Other bird in the window. Crazy, I tell ya. Apparently, he's not hurting himself - he keeps coming back no matter what we do!

ETA - We put up a window decal - he was just at it all the time! From what I know about birds, and cardinals, I'm pretty sure he thinks he's defending his "territory" - but Damn! I don't want him to hurt himself. So far, he hasn't been back since the decal went up. We don't have a cat - and the dogs don't seem to phase him in the least. He's been very determined up until now!! He doesn't seem to be hurting himself - but I don't want to take that chance!


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  1. I’ve never seen a bird do that! OH MY! Is he a really young one???
    Poor thing…he hasn’t learned that critical point – learn from our mistakes! lol

  2. We have had that problem before. He sees his reflection in the window and things its competition. This is especially common during mating season, I believe. Our visitor was hurting himself and leaving little feathery smudge marks behind- ouch! We put up a sheet over the window and he stopped attacking.

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