Sock Speed Record?


child’s first sock in shell pattern

Originally uploaded by Drop Stitch Knitter

Although I don’t think I set any World Records here, this is a record knit for me.  That teeny ball next to them – that’s what I had left – and it’s really not that bad – it’s probably almost an ounce but it won’t even register on my scale.   I shouldn’t have doubted I would have enough – but when you do patterning like this, I tend to think it eats up more yarn than the average pattern. Oh!  Another fun fact – these are sized for a womans “small” but they fit my size 10’s fine – they have a lot of give and I’m glad I didn’t add a repeat after all. 

Pattern: Child’s First Sock In Shell Pattern by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks

Yarn: Sophie’s Toes in Weekend Getaway

Needles: US 1’s

Started: June 21, 2007

Finished: June 26, 2007

Whew! Now, my big dilemma – what sock patterns do I want to take with me to knit on vacation? Best make up my mind soon, as we leave in a little over a day. While I was photgraphing this pair, I just happened to count the other handknit socks in my drawer and I’m impressed to say I’ve got 15 pair – three of which have their “dates” missing – but I know they’re around here somewhere! Probably stuck to someone’s t-shirt, or sweatpants – or in someone’s room – I”m not saying who – it could be anyone. It could be me, in fact. But if I wasn’t so busy not packing, I’d be tearing things apart around here, looking for them.

I do know the Shoalwater Shawl, Chevron Scarf and Josephine are coming with me – just have to decide on a sock. No problem if I don’t, there are at least three yarns shops I’m sure I could scrape something up in if I can’t make my mind up here…….And I have to remember to leave room to bring yarn home with me!

So, I’ll be back, and hopefully with some finished knits to show for it!


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  1. If I tried to offer up a sock suggestion, I would never stop listing patterns. How about just… something from “Knitting on the Road”…? I mean, you are traveling. And knitting. And they are sock patterns, so… uhm, is that helpful? Somewhat? (have a great vacation!)

  2. Wow, I hope it is a long vacation as that is a pretty ambitious list! Your socks are in absolutely the best colors; great job, both on the newest one and the large collection.

  3. I can’t believe how fast you finished them – can you finish mine for me? 🙂 How about Monkeys for vacation? Its fairly easy so you won’t have to keep on looking at a pattern.

  4. I love the socks. If I could knit a pair in 5 days, I know I’d make many more. (Technically, I CAN knit a pair in 5 days; somehow I always drag it out over weeks or months.)

    I love the concept at Affiknity (which she found on another blog): plain sock with a funky cuff. That would go fast.

  5. These socks are great! I have that pattern book too, and I have that particular one marked on my “to knit” list. The color that you chose is just lovely.

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