Kissed by the Sun


Kissed by the Sun

Originally uploaded by Drop Stitch Knitter

By habit and obsession I am a Knitter/Spinner and dare I say crocheter – but one of my other pursuits is amatuer Photography. DH took me all the way to Greenbrook yesterday just so I could get a new lens for my Canon – because the kit lens that I’ve been using for nearly two years, basically sucks ass, and I’ve done way more than a reasonable person could expect with it. Of course, when we came home, I had to run around trying it out – and the sun was blaring like the fire of a thousand suns – and that is not so great for taking photo’s. Stoopid sun. Anywho, that’s when you start to walk around in the shade and scrounge for some decent shots. I like the way this came out – it’s interesting light and shadows just appeals to me. Plus my Aunt has, ahem, requested that I start making more of an appearance on my photography site – so, Poo, this one’s for you!

Managed to finish up the first Child’s Sock late last night – once you start on those last rows, you just can’t put the sock down. I weighed the skein before I started and we weighed in at 102 g. I’m really concerned about the yardage on this one. I now have used 44 g for the first sock – or so my scale says. The ball is weighing in at 57 g. So, theoretically – I should have plenty of yarn, yes? Yeah, that’s what i’m going to go with. I shall cast on the second today – but it’s packing days for vacation – and I don’t think I’ll get much done on it before we leave – but I’m sure I’ll come back with a finished sock. I best pack up another pair to bring. It amazes me how one pair can take a week – and yet another – 3 months. I really like this pattern, it’s easy to semi-memorize, it’s fun, it seems to grow fast even though it’s knit on 1’s – really a pleasure to knit.

And of course, since there is packing to be done, the weather has gone and got distincly Sauna-like. I hope it’s cooler up north!


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  1. Very pretty photo. TOTALLY worth the new lens. 🙂

    What’s up with this weather? Cool, chilly, hot, humid. Sheesh! I’m DONE. I’m going to Atlantic City. LOL.

    Have a great time. Don’t forget the SPF 900 sunscreen.

  2. Beautiful photo. Really makes the new lens worth it!

    I’m itching to cast on for the Child’s First Sock, but I can’t decide on what yarn to use. What to do?

    Have a fantabulous time on your vacation. Wish you were coming here though. *grin*

  3. Very pretty picture – can’t wait to see more of your photos! I can’t believe you finished the sock so quickly – mine has been hanging out there for months!

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