A Knitting I Went….


ETA: Sock is being knit in Weekend Getaway, by Sophie’s Toes – wonderful yarn!! Child’s First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

….And had a great time, as usual.  I’m so glad I’m a part of this Knitting Group.  What a group of the nicest ladies.  We had a smaller group today – but still there were 5 of us and Leslie dropped by with her son and a friend to say hello – it was good to see her, since she missed last meeting and the yarn crawl.  Beth brought along her sister, who is not a knitter, but seemed very content just to sit and chat with us.  Even one of the staff at Pan??ra, a young guy, came over to ask  was I knitting a sock, a former girlfriend of his had taught him to knit.  We usually get one or two people who straggle over and just start to talk to one or all of us about knitting – it’s nice to have the interest.  I’m so glad Jeanne started this group up – it’s really nice to sit and see what everyone else it up to, and share idea’s and advice. And because I had to get that middle finger off the top of my page – there is the sock I’m working on right now.  The colors aren’t too far off, but the lighting is just not good right now.  I’m doing a nice job of rotating my projects – worked on the Shoalwater shawl a bit this morning – save the sock and scarf for TV knitting and pull out Josephine every other day or so – I plan on getting a lot done on her over vacation and hopefully will have a ready to block knit when I get home. It’s a really beautiful day today – it’s not too hot, in fact, I wore Icarus out for the first time today to knitting group.  The boys have been working on the camper while I was gone – which is nice.  I’ll have to start the packing of the important things – food, linens and what not in the next few days.  This time next week – I’ll be vacationing with my family!  For a really well written essay on Family Camping – go visit What Housework and scroll down to read Jessie’s wonderfully written piece – it really struck a note with me!


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  1. How come I never liked that sock before Jeanne started working on it? It’s beautiful. And you’re a super fast knitta!

    VACATION!!!! Whoo Hoo!

    (I’m a Pinkie!)

  2. Cute sock – even if you are a copy cat! I had a good time today, as always – isn’t it nice to be with people that you can just relax, knit and have fun with? I hope you have a great time on vacation!

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