Not Even a Little Bit Surprised.

You Are the Middle Finger

A bit fragile and dependent on your friends, you’re not nearly as hostile as you seem.
You are balanced, easy to get along with, and quite serious.
However, you can get angry and fed up with those around you. And you aren’t afraid to show it!You get along well with: The Index FingerStay away from: The Pinky

What Finger Are You?

Although, I beg to differ on the “fragile” thing.  Really.  Yanked this from Lorena.  Which explains why we get along. 

Oh, and by the way – we are experiencing in our town, quite the building explosion.  We now have an “Active Adult Community” going in, downtown by the railroad tracks.  I guess they’d better be active, ifn’ they’re going to be dodging those trains.  And not for anything, but when was the last time you drove by one of these construction projects and saw a sign like “Loungeville…….a brand new Lazy Ass Adult Community”???? 

If you do see one, please, snap a photo and send it my way!


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  1. Eventually we will need our own active adult community. I’m thinking about 500 acres, maybe in Vermont, where we can get cabana boys to serve us drinks and clip our llamas. Meanwhile we will be all cantankerous and knitty on a wide breezy porch. Did I mention the cabana boys? 🙂

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