Not Another Chevron Scarf


Why, what have we here?  Two ball’s of Koigu?  What could I possibly do with these two balls of beautiful yarn? 


I could start another Chevron Scarf!!!  Holy Moly – I think I’m addicted.  No sooner did I cast off the first scarf, put it in the wool soak and wound these two balls to start another.  I’ve even got another planned, too.  Is there a Chevron intervention group?  Should I be worried.  It’s not like I’m not getting anything else done.


For instance.  Since Jeanne thinks her fiber room is at my house – ahem – after I moved up my fabric stash today and weeded through everything, I found the perfect fabric to recover the disgusting cushions that were hiding behind the big ole blanket I had draped over the chair.  And that dark blanket was bringing the room down.  So I whipped up new covers – and I do mean whip.  These aren’t fancy by any means.  Just plain ole stitched up covers, no piping etc.  But they do the trick, brighten up that chair and it’s ready to rock (pun intended) and be comfy for any visiting knitters I have.


While I was folding fabric, stitching covers and working on the scarf, I got to listening to this new to me podcast – KnitWit – Rantings of a Rabid Knitter.  Have you ever?  Funny as hell.  I really enjoy listening to Carry – she’s very refreshing.  Her podcasts aren’t too long either, so you can fit in quite a few even if you don’t have that much time. 

I’ve also had a bit more time to play around on Ravelry – I’ve even entered some projects and they’ve made it incredibly easy to upload your photo’s from flickr – and since I’m an flickridiot, this is very, very cool to me.  I’m “dropstitchknittr” over there and if you friend me, I’ll friend you back!   It’s really a great site – the navigation is so easy and self explanatory, the features are just amazing – and I’m really enjoying entering in the projects I’ve just finished/just started.  I can’t wait to get to enter in some stash – once it’s all been located and centralized for processing, that is.  It will be a drawer by drawer process once I get going, and that will make it easier.  From what I read yesterday, they’re going to be working on the site full time which will hopefully speed up the time frame that it will be available to everyone.  They’ve done a wonderful job and it’s a great resource for knitters.  You can find their blog here and read what they’re up to.

And Props to Laurie for finding that killer Lexie Barnes bag for me!

And I stumbled across this while reading my blogs  today and ended up ordering one of these row counter bracelets from CrimsonOrchid on etsy.  It will probably come in extremely handy (get it) when I’m camping and somebody moves my row counter off the camp table.  Ahem.  Very cool idea and I can’t wait to get it.


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