Can You Say Retrograde???


Remember that Lexie Barnes bag I just won on Thursday?  Cathi, all the way over in Ireland, packaged that up and mailed it out to me on Friday.  It arrived Yesterday.  Monday.  As in two days after she mailed it.  Two.  From Ireland.  Ahem.  USPS?  Can I ask why something takes 10 days First Class to get from NJ to MD but something alllllll the way from Ireland?  Amazing.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled with it.  It is big.  It is perfect for camping.  I don’t have to worry about it getting all smutzed up, because it’s just wipe clean easy.  No blechy plastic smell either – it’s just a nice, quality bag – thanks Cathi!!  And considering Mercury is in retrograde right now, and nothing mechanical seems to be working as it should – I’ve had to upload all of these photo’s twice – I’m really impressed with the postal speed right now. 

 It’s not nearly packed, but it will be.  Our camping trip is fast approaching!  I can’t wait – we totally skipped vacation last year and we are all actually really looking forward to getting away as a family. 

The Blob.  Or, the beginnings of the Shoalwater Shawl.  The yarn is just wonderful to work with – Claudia Silk Lace –  and the color is just amazingly deep – this photo is a tad off – morning light not great today – and now that my deck is gone and I have to use the porch – sigh.  It’s just not the same.  But once the patio is in, I’ll be back to my good photog spot. 

In the meantime – for a truly Breathtaking Shawl, please go see Miss Alice Faye and the stunning masterpiece she’s completed – words just won’t do it justice. 

Have you seen Jeanne’s fresh off the needles Lutea?  It’s just lovely.  Really has me itching to grab that cotton ease I have in the stash and cast on.  But that would be against my PMP – Project Management Plan.  In case you’re not familar with that term – let me ‘esplain.  No.  Let me sum up.  In order to keep my projects somewhat under control, and based on my compulsive need to cast on anything lately, I’ve decided I can have as many projects going as long as they meet the following criteria.  There can be only one “type” of project going at any given time.  One sweater.  One scarf.  One pair of socks.  One tank top.  You see where this is going.  If I stick to the Rule Of One, I somehow feel the guilt drain away, and I’m ok with it.  So casting on for Lutea right now, when Josephine (a tank top) is still on the needles would be a direct violation of PMP.  I think this system could catch on, so spread the word. 

If you’d like a chance to win this pin, or one of the many, many other prizes people have donated, click on over to Claudia’s MS Ride and make a donation.  You can check out all the other prizes over at Claudia’s Blog, too. Hurry on up, there’s still time!!


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  1. Thanks for the link! 🙂 And the encouraging news about mail from across the pond–I’m very anxiously awaiting a new Heirloom Knitting pattern….

    Lovely lovely pin!

  2. Thanks for the link – but I think you could cast on – Josephine isn’t a tank. Its a short sleeve top. Lutea is a tank. 🙂 Beautiful pin! And what a great bag!

  3. I saw someone linked to me from your site, so came over to visit. Nice to see the bag in its new digs! I’ve never seen anything I sent arrive so fast to the States! I’m so glad you like it…it just didn’t suit me when it arrived and I didn’t want such a nicely designed bag gathering dust in my closet! Ended up getting a nice sized LLBean Touring Bag I saw mentioned on…

    I have grown addicted to knitting blogs as well as my standard quilting blogs, so I am adding you to my bloglines! So much inspiration out there…

  4. The bag looks like it’s settling in very well. 🙂 And the newest scarf is great. You can almost feel the softness of the yarn thru the photo.

    Great job on the pseudo-slipcovers. Makes everything looks shiny and new! The room must really be shaping up.

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