Of FO’s and RIP’s



Well, I’m glad to say I’ve another FO to add to the list – and wardrobe.  My Sailor’s Rib Socks are done, done, Done!!!

Started – April 10, 2007

Finished – June 17, 2007 – long time knitting these. 

Yarn – Regia Silk

Pattern – Sailors Ribbing, a Five Stitch Pattern from Charlene Schurch’s More Sensational Knitted Socks.  I have both of her sock books and although I think the first one is easier to follow then the second, you really can’t go wrong with either one of her books.  Loads of patterns, and more importantly many choices on how to knit them up.  She really covers it all. 

And with every FO, there is always something that ends up in the frog pond – no?


Good bye, dear Deck.  You’ve been good to us.


My DH and DS’s celebrated Father’s Day this year by doing some family demolishion.  In preparation for a patio we will be getting installed – hopefully sooner rather than later, because – let’s face it, that’s a big drop down from the slider and those step, however ingenius of my older DS – are just an accident waiting for me to happen.  I will use the small porch to reach ground level – thankyouverymuch.  I know our boys are mostly grown – but it was such an eye-opener to see them working their asses off with their Dad – I seem to have two ways of thinking about them now – little wee babies, and these men they are now.  What a contrast!  Of course I remember all the middle stuff – it’s just gone so fast!  I kept them in cool drinks and also did the repairing of the camper “holes” from the uninvited guest we had over the winter – bastid mice.  And I snuck in enough knitting time in my studio to finish the socks.  I was also able to maintain my schedule of the “movage” by cleaning out the antique dresser in preparation of moving my fabric stash up – which seems to get smaller when I am looking at the antique dresser, but then exponetially larger as I’m standing downstairs actually LOOKING at it.  Hmmm.  I may have to condense things a bit.  I do tend to oversave every scrap of fabric and I might need to rethink that.  But spending time in the studio, knitting, or sewing the curtains for the camper – listening to the newest podcast that Jeanne recommended to me – Lixie Knits it – well, I really can’t complain about much!

My aim this week – other than tracking down the mason to pin down a patio installation date – finish my first Chevron scarf – and I do mean first – I’ve got at least two more in the que!


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  1. Pretty socks! I agree – both books are great – I think the first is my favorite, though. Wow – I can’t believe the whole deck is gone! Sounds like a nice day and that you got a lot accomplished!

  2. wow love the socks, I have the first book, and I’m definitely going to use it. And the men folk were pretty busy. I with you….about going out another way…knowing my luck I would be the one to take a tumble.

  3. Very pretty socks! Thanks for the recommendation on the sock book. I am finally biting the bullet and getting myself some DP’s and sock book to try my hand at socks! I will have to check that book out. I really love her Hats On! book.

  4. Those socks turned out pretty nice. I saw the second book but haven’t gotten it yet. It’s on my list though. I’m sure you know how it goes. Goodbye to the deck, but hello to an even better patio, right? A trip to the frog pond usually results in something better for me.

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