A Whole Lotta Something Goin On


Or more specifically, a whole lotta moving things around.  And around.  And across the room and up from downstairs.  Whew.  Thank goodness I have a few strong hands around here.  The furniture has been moved around – the shelving that was once on the paneled wall is now on the other side of the room.  Damn heating vents.  Anywho, I’m getting  a good idea of how I want the room to flow.  That little corner is my “metal Studio” har har.  And then we have the knitting chair – which is gonna go in hopes of a newer mission chair I saw whilst shopping for a rug that I never did get.  Stupid rugs.  That is my Farm Table – I picked that up in an antique shop about 10 years ago – it was in pieces and in horrible shape.  I paid 50 dollars for it – it’s solid maple and I am proud to say I stripped and refinished it with mostly supervision from my DH.  It serves as my sewing table, and will do triple duty now, as a sewing, cutting and winding table.


 The fiber shelving.  The two big units are not even dedicated to anything yet.  I saw some larger fabric bins that I just have to measure and then see if they will fit on the bottoms of those shelves.  That is where I think the “roving” stash will be residing.  I have a small bookcase by the chair  and may get another to fill up that one wall under the windows.   I’m thinking whatever chair I do get will actually go in front of the metal bench, blocking it off and making that area seperate from the rest.  Ever though I have the “manpower” to do the heavy moving around here – I’m really enjoying setting this room up on my own – it really makes it my space.  The antique dresser that the bird cages are on is getting cleaned out tomorrow, and that is where I will keep my fabric and sundries.  The birds will not be replaced – I have Harry Canary in the living room and that is my DH’s pionus parrot, his button quail and the lone Zebra finch I have.  I could do without the bird seed, let me tell you.  What you don’t see is the piano that I’m hoping to put up for sale and the “office corner where my secretary and business hub are.  It’s definitely a studio space.  I will be destashing quite a bit of basket making supples and probably some quilting stuff – I have two frames – and I want to keep the smaller one, so if you know anyone local to NW New Jersey that’s interest in a Grace Quilting frame – point them in my direction! 


And because a few of you asked – here’s the new do.  Old double chin, but new do.  I did start walking today with a friend and I’ll be doing that three times a week – it was good, but between that – the moving of furniture yesterday and today – the errand running, the laundry – yeesh – I’m tuckered. 


I did manage to squeeze a bit o’ knitting time in on the Chevron Scarf and somebody mighta wound a ball of Claudia Silk Lace and cast on for the Shoalwater Shawl – I’m not saying who. 

Thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments about my friend and my soul searching.  You all have such a way of making me feel glad I took a chance and shared my feelings – and the support was really meaningful.  So many of you echoed my sentiments – I don’t feel like a big meanie anymore.  As someone said recently – Life is too Short!!! It’s very hard to extracate yourself from less than healthy relationships, simply because the other party is usually totally unaware that they are, well, the way they are!!!  Or maybe they do have some idea, but aren’t willing to face up to how they may make other people feel.  I was thinking about this on the way to Target today and I guess a lot of what was bothering me could be I feel that some people don’t think twice about complaining to you about situations that involve you.  But I digress – again.  Thanks for reading, friends – and for coming back for more!


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  1. Wow! You have a fantastic studio spread. I love how you’re making it completely your own by moving the furniture all on your own.

    I have had experience with the less then tactful person. I try to tell the person that I really didn’t appreciate “x” comment because of “x”. I try to be assertive and communicative like that. It doesn’t always work out, but I do try. That way if I suddenly start distancing myself from said person they aren’t left in the dark as to why. They know exactly why I’m pissed off. At least they should.

  2. OK, I’m completely jealous – what a great studio! I want one too! Shouldn’t there be two chairs? Or three? Or a sofa for all of us? 🙂 Love the haircut – but you always look great!

  3. I agree, you’ll need to get a couch so that there’s somewhere for all of us to sit when we drop in. 🙂

    Life is too short. And it’s something that we seem to need reminders of, and unfortunately those reminders often hurt. I forget who said this, I think it was a German name that I’ll never be able to spell right; but he said that “experience is a good school; but the fees are high.” I’ve paid so dearly for some of my experiences that I feel I’m owed a refund!

  4. I love this craft room! And oh man, darn heating vents. You can picture a room exactly how you want the furniture, but then have to change it all because of those vents! 🙂

    Great hairdo!

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