First You Crawl


Loot from the Philly Yarn Crawl……..

Back Row:  Mona Socks by Cookie A, Addi Lace needles, Shoalwater Shawl Pattern

Middle Row:  Big Honkin 10 ounces of Lorna’s Laces Roving in the Tuscany Colorway – can you say score?

Front Row:  2 skeins Louet Gems Pearl in  Burgundy for the Mona Socks, One skein of in My Face Claudia Silk lace in Caribbean Blue for the Shoalwater shawl, 4 skeins of Koigu for another Chevron Scarf.  The Claudia was Jeanne at work – I was remarking on how I had been looking for the Shoalwater pattern for awhile and as I turned around, she had this skein of convieniently colored gorgeous yarn ready for me – which had to be one of the easiest handoffs in yarn buying history.  Thank you, Jeanne, Master Enabler. (I managed to return the favor with the Lorna’s Laces roving later on…..mwahahaha)

We had a great time – I know I did.  I may have frightened a few with my daredevil like driving skills, but hey, we made it there, we made it home in one piece and I think we all had a good time.  I would definitely do it again – we had a great group of women – Jeanne, Laurie and Blogless Beth, Susan, Elise and Lauren. ETA: Beth isn’t Blogless after all!  Go Check her out!  Hey Beth!   In the end, we ended up visiting Rosies and Loop and skipping Sophies, but then we found a neat shop in Germantown called Tangled Webs.  I have to say my favorite was probably Loop but Rosie’s was a close second.  Loop because it’s soooo spacious and roomy, Rosies because it’s just jam packed with yarn.  I would happily make a trip back for shopping again.  And we had a great meal at the Ten Stone Pub – we had a back room, all to ourselves where we had some great food, conversation and some KIP’ing.  It really was just a nice day.  Thanks, girls!!!

And because I, too, am a lemming of the highest degree…………

Jeanne has these same Maryjanes in Black.  I now have them in tan.  They are comfy beyond comfy.  And I do love me a Maryjane shoe.  Just love them.  I would wear Maryjanes all the time. 

Funny little something – as I went to sit down on one chair, to put my feet up on this chair, I didn’t realize that the new cushions for said chairs were so……….absorbent.  It was like sitting down on a giant sponge that someone had not wrung out yet.  Ahem.  Not the nicest feeling on the buttocks. 

New haircut – it’s the first cut I’ve had in a longggggggggg time.  And it’s different and funky and choppy and I love it.  If I can get over how bad I look in photo’s I may have someone take one and post it.  If not, take my word for it – it’s wayyyy better than my cut before – and the coloring should fix me up just right.  Now, if it was just as easy to get that double chin and tummy tuck done – I’d be standing in line for that in a second!


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  1. So what color MaryJanes does that leave for me? You snooze, you lose.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with your hair before. Cut and color? Cool Summer fun!

  2. I love your yarn crawl swag. It really does sound like you all had a great time.

    Your MJ’s are so cute! And they do look so comfy. I am right behind you in that line for the tucks!

  3. Sitting here with hair dye doing its magic as I type this…. please show us the new cut! I just bought a magazine that is all short hair styles… gimme inspiration! So very jealous of your yarn crawls!!

  4. I’m not blog less any more lol there’s the web site. And your driving wasn’t that bad….hey you didn’t cause any panic attacks so your ok. I had a wonderful time thanks for driving.

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