What do you do with two beautiful skeins of yarn, purchased under the guise of becoming socks but then belatedly realizing you can’t get a pair out of one skein?

Well, First you get pissed at yourself.  Then, realizing that no yarn is really a bad yarn, you tuck them away. 

Then you wait. 

 You see a pattern, but you’ve looked at the book that it’s in, and even though all the other patterns in the book are very, very nice, you only want this one particular pattern.  And it’s really not worth the price of the book to you.

Then you wait.

Then you see Amazon having this too cool sale on two books – one you have already but the other one – well it’s THE book. (I know it’s not available anymore, sorry!)  You know, the one with the ONE pattern in it you want.  And you justify this buy because A) you have a friend that will more than gladly take the duplicate book off your hands and B) you would definitely pay 5 bucks for one pattern (and have, who are we kidding here) and it seems like it’s meant to be.  So you order the books.

Then you wait.

The books arrive, you happily look through the new one, all set and ready to knit that pattern.  But wait!  What yarn should I use.  5 skeins of koigu in the stash (I know, it’s a pittance, but hey, I’m working on the Koigu stash).  Nope, not enough of that, no two skeins are alike enough.  Some Jitterbug?  Nah, too much yardage there.  How bout…..wait a minute.  Those two skeins of sock yarn?  Not quite the yardage called for, but it’s a scarf pattern and it’s ok – I don’t need it to be 78 inches long.  I’m short. 

 Then, you wait no more!!!!

Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted gifts.  Yarn:  Claudia Hand Painted in Purple Earth and Passion Fruit.  The two most unlikly paired up yarns I’ve ever used and I love the color combination.  Now I know the Chevron has been done up and down the wide bloganue, but it’s new to me and I’m hooked. 

And planning on searching for some Koigu tomorrow when the knitting group and I head down to Philly for a yarn crawl!  I’ve become adventurous with the help of the new Navigation system in the car.  I’m really looking forward to heading on over to Rosies Yarn Cellar, Loop Yarn and Sophies Yarns.  And hanging out with the girls in the group, on World Wide Knit In Public Day.  And finding a great place to have lunch together.  And knitting in public. 

The Wait is Over! (And school’s almost over too!!!  Whooooppeeeeee!!!!!!)


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  1. the funny thing is, as you were talking about having two skeins of yarn that weren’t enough for a pair of socks, I thought Chevron Scarf! And then as I read further I realized that you did get the pattern and everything to knit it. Very cool. Those are great colors together. The Chevron scarf is a great pattern and fun for a road trip (if you’re not driving that is). That was such a deal on Amazon too for both books. I found out a/b Knitting nature thru another blogger and it was on special for $8.99. Both books for $10.99 or whatever the price was such a deal, incredible. have fun on your yarn crawl!

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